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Current Member Spotlight

Metech Recycling

Metech Recycling is an industry leader in recycling electronic scrap, providing electronics metech_logorecycling and asset recovery services for more than forty years. Metech is a founding member of the e-Stewards® certification program. The company has facilities in California, Colorado, Massachusetts, North Carolina, and Utah; all of its facilities are certified to both the R2 Standard and e-Stewards®. The company also operates locations in Europe and Asia, allowing for reuse, refurbishment and efficient extraction of precious metals and recyclable materials from electronic scrap while complying with global standards in clean secure environments.

Metech offers services to a wide market of large and small business, manufacturers, distributors, service providers, repair centers, governmental agencies, educational entities, and consumer groups, providing customized solutions to control product security, protect intellectual property, and mitigate environmental liability. Metech Recycling offers transport of materials for recycling, secure data destruction and certification, material tracking and reporting of computers, televisions, printers, fax, batteries, small appliances, telecom equipment, data center equipment, and most commercial electronic equipment, including biotech and medical devices, as well as tracking and certified destruction of obsolete products and excess inventory. It also partners with local community groups across the country to host electronics recycling collection events.

Metech Recycling prides itself in its investment in the more labor-intensive process of hand disassembling and separating electronic devices. This social commitment benefits communities through job creation. Its adherence to manual disassembly of electronics ensures both maximum material value and a high rate of “green” employment. Their employees sort, weigh, and disassemble electronic scrap into distinct material streams: precious metals, other metals, plastics, glass, circuit boards, and hazardous items (e.g. batteries). These commodities are sent to downstream partners for further recycling. Downstream vendors receiving hazardous e-waste are audited in person on a routine basis to determine initial and ongoing eligibility. Throughout its disassembly process, the company offers its clients transparent tracking and auditing for commodity recovery and recycling.

Metech also provides secure product destruction and recycling to protect brand identity or intellectual property to meet the needs of manufacturers and others. Its certified destruction services cover storage devices, including hard disks, flash drives, memory, media, and documentation. Secure destruction ensures that unauthorized products do not reach secondary markets, while also maximizing recovery value. Shredding data devices and providing detailed documentation protects their customer liability for identity or data theft.

Environmental Commitment

As a company certified to both e-Stewards® and R2, Metech Recycling ensures that its downstream partners do not transport toxic waste to other countries. The company tracks and reports all material shipments and rigorously audits downstream partners to guarantee components are returned to the manufacturing stream. More than 95% of all material received by Metech is responsibly diverted from landfills. Under the R2 and e-Stewards® certifications, its practices are subject to a third-party audit to ensure that the company maintains chain of custody for all the items it receives and distributes to downstream recyclers. Its environmental sustainability goes beyond responsible electronics recycling, however; the company also strives to reduce water and power use at all of its facilities.

According to David Quinn, Metech’s Business Development Manager, “our company’s value proposition is to ensure responsible recycling, provide transparency of process, and deliver a full accounting of materials. We strive to be environmentally responsible, create green jobs, be a good corporate neighbor, and remain profitable while meeting the needs of our customers. Support of organizations like the NERC and the Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse (ERCC), as well as partnerships with government agencies and our customers, helps us to promote the importance of responsible electronics recycling.”