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Current Member Spotlight

Marcal, A Soundview Paper Company

Today more than ever, both businesses and consumers are committed to Marcal logomaking environmentally-sound purchasing decisions. These environmentally conscious consumers want to be assured that the paper products they purchase are produced with recycled fiber.  Furthermore, they want to ensure that this ecological thought process begins in production and manufacturing and continues through to the end-product.

Founded in 1932 by Nicholas Marcalus, Marcal Paper Company developed and employed technology for the recycling of waste paper into pulp---making Marcal a pioneer in the Paper Products industry to “Go Green.”  Marcal Paper Company stays true to its 87-year-old legacy of innovation and dedication to those practices, so we are pleased to announce our new partnership with the Northeast Recycling Council or NERC!

NERC is a coalition which engages with communities and states to promote increased recycling, as well as source reduction and purchasing products with recycled content. Marcal is the perfect partner for this, as it works with these same municipalities to take the collected paper and turn it into commercially viable products for the home and office.

“Because of recycled pulp’s substantial environmental benefits,” a recent report states, “the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)…recommends…purchasing paper towels that contain at least 40 to 60 percent postconsumer recycled content and 40 to 100 percent total recovered fiber, and bathroom tissue that contains at least 20 to 60 percent postconsumer recycled content and 20 to 100 percent total recovered fiber.” All of Marcal’s tissue and towel products easily exceed the recommended minimums. Read more about the tissue industry and Marcal’s environmental leadership.

 “Given Marcal’s long history of responsible environmental stewardship, becoming a NERC Advisory Member is a natural next step. We are extremely proud to participate in the creation of this unique, regional, closed-loop recycling program which could serve as a model for other communities and paper makers to emulate!” John Glaze, Executive VP of Sales and Marketing at Marcal.

Please visit our website for more information.