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About Searching

One of NERC’s strengths is the depth of information, resources, and tools available on its website. These resources are — in almost all cases — the result of original research, grants, and projects. As such, the information is unique and comprehensive.

Through the search feature you can select any topic you are interested in and the relevant documents and resources will be identified. Then you’ll be able to download the resource or view it online.

Searching by Keyword

You may search by keyword alone. The results will show all resources that contain the keyword in their titles. If you search by multiple keywords, the results will show all resources that contain either keyword.

Searching by Categories

You may select one or more categories. If you select multiple categories, the results will show all of the resources that fall under either category (not a cross-section of the two). Should you wish to see a breakdown of resource listings by category within a larger search, please click on the "View by Category" link immediately above your listings. To return to a masterlist of entries, click on the "View in alphabetical order" link directly above your listings.

Searching by Keyword and Categories

If you select a keyword and a category (or categories), your search will show only those entries in the categories that contain the keyword in their titles.