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What Is a NERC Advisory Member?

The Northeast Recycling Council actively invites businesses, corporations, trade associations, non-profits, recycling organizations, solid waste districts, municipalities, and all other interested parties to be part of the organization as Advisory Members. Advisory Members help support NERC’s mission to promote sustainability practices across the country. Advisory Members also have the opportunity to help shape conferences and webinars, workshops, and events, and are invited to participate in discussions with the NERC Board and staff.

NERC is a unique resource. NERC regularly connects its Advisory Members with policy makers and sustainability experts by providing access to thought leaders, innovators, and state officials to share information on cutting edge issues and best practices. NERC’s members highly value the opportunity to speak directly with state and local policy makers and officials.


NERC’s Advisory Members enjoy the opportunity to reach the environmental and sustainability communities by providing content for the NERC newsletter and blog. Our electronic newsletter and blog distribution reaches over 1,000 people with 2,000 unique website visits each month.

Learn more about membership here.


"Trex has been an advisory member to the Northeast Recycling Council since 2011. My first experience with NERC was as a speaker at the 2008 Fall Conference. I was quickly able to determine that supporting NERC was to be a great investment for Trex because of the information that they are able to provide us about the industry and sustainability in general."

Samara Norman
Senior Materials Buyer
Trex Company

Why should I be an Advisory Member?

All of NERC’s members receive the monthly Email Bulletin with information on upcoming programs and events, as well as industry and member news and trends. All members receive discounts for conference and workshop registrations, recognition on the NERC website, and other visibility and cost-saving services.

Investing in NERC:

      • Provides outstanding regional and national visibility and recognition.
      • Keeps you on the forefront of developing trends.
      • Offers technical assistance, information, research capabilities, and networking opportunities.
      • Offers a way to partner with NERC staff on a fee-for-service basis on problem-solving and projects.
      • Encourages members to join in discussions on regional policy and program implementation concerns, as well as make suggestions for conferences, workshops and events.

“The Northeast Recycling Council is uniquely positioned to promote communication among the region's key recycling decision-makers. At Casella, we particularly value the Fall Conference as an opportunity to check in with a wide range of partners on the region's progress toward sustainable resource management.”

Abbie Webb
Sustainability Manager
Casella Waste Systems, Inc.

NERC’s staff and Directors are a practical resource on a myriad of topics that may be of interest to your organization. Its fee-for-service program can be tailored to meet your specific needs and interests and includes direct technical assistance, research, writing resource materials, training, and other specific projects. NERC’s staff’s expertise is unparalleled in electronic scrap management, environmentally preferable purchasing, toxics in packaging, organics management, zero waste events, school recycling and composting, construction and demolition debris reuse and recycling, and reuse programming. NERC’s network is international, and can help you to connect with and create new partnerships.

Balanced Approach. The synergy created by NERC’s diverse Board and Advisory membership and committed staff enables the organization to consider multiple perspectives on a given issue and undertake projects and activities that benefit not only the Northeast but, in many cases, the entire country.

Please take a look at our Advisory Membership brochure. If you have any questions, please contact Lynn Rubinstein, Executive Director at 802-254-3636. Email: