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Current Member Spotlight

Good Point Recycling

Good Point Recycling (a division of American Retroworks Inc.) is a nationally-recognized Good Point Logo electronics recycling company, based in Middlebury, Vermont. Going beyond recycling, the company provides consulting services in electronics recycling and reuse. Good Point is well known for its expertise in "Fair Trade Recycling," offering complete cradle to grave accounting of regulated material. 

The company’s recycling services are R2-certified, respected, vetted, economical, legal, and guaranteed.


“I’ve been a fan of NERC and the NERC staff for many years,” states Robin Ingenthron, owner of Good Point Recycling. NERC’s work in electronics recycling and other aspects of materials management shows their commitment and dedication to advancing a more sustainable world. Being a NERC Advisory Member conforms with our company’s dedication to ethical electronics recycling and allows us to share our business principals with others around the Northeast to promote these principals and potentially grow our business.”

Working to Advance Ethical & Environmentally-sound Electronics Recycling
Good Point provides electronics recycling services in Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New York and Rhode Island from its Vermont headquarters and in the southwestern United States from an Arizona warehouse. Services include: CRT and LCD recycling, municipal collection trailers, E-scrap event recycling, commercial business collections, and hard drive erasure and destruction services.  The company is considered one of the top experts in CRT glass recycling markets.

Good Point is practices and promotes ethical electronics recycling. They provide affordable service, computer refurbishing, job training, accountability, and the best environmental practices.  The company believes that balance can and should be sustained between environmental goals and economic health. Through its environmental management systems it defines the objectives and targets for the prevention and reduction of pollution associated with handling end-of-life electronics and related processes, and reuse and repair, to avoid mining extraction and safeguard adverse impact on the environment.

GP_WarehouseGood Point’s executive team - CFO Rachael Gosselin, VP Peter Funk, and VP Nathan Hill bring decades of experience in logistics, customer support, financial diligence and downstream expertise.  These executives have also created in Good Point a “melting pot” which supports college grads, disabled Americans, immigrants, retirees, and one of the highest female-to-male employee ratios in the scrap business.

With a degree in international relations, a stint in the Peace Corps, and 9 years of experience as an environmental regulator and consultant, Ingenthron’s goal is to keep globalization safe, legal, and ethical.  His foundation, Fair Trade Recycling, seeks to build confidence in this practice through documentation, transparency, and mass balance, to “bring the Emerging Markets’ Tech Sector out of back alleys.” Ingenthron keeps a blog on the evolution of these markets, posts of which have been published in Motherboard (Vice) and profiled in various recycling trade magazines.    

Recent Recognition

In 2016, Good Point received two awards recognizing its outstanding business practices:

At its Core: Reuse, Repair and Re-Manufacturing

Reuse is the keystone of Good Point Recycling's business model.  The company prides GP_Repairitself on developing relationships with clients who would rather retire a working asset which can be reused as is or fixed to meet the needs of those who may not be able to purchase new electronics goods. 

The company recognizes the importance of internationally compliant CRT and LCD monitor reuse and remanufacturing. Good Point was the first authorized EPA exporter of CRTs in the United States (2007). As a matter of principle, Good Point neither endorses the lowest cost "export solution" for escrap nor the wasteful "destroy all equipment" model.  Good Point staff are expert at identifying and using proper end markets.  The company audits end markets to ensure that only R2 compliant equipment is exported for reuse or repair outside the OECD, in accordance with the Basel Convention Annex IX (B1110), but refuses to “racially profile” buyers, offering equal access to the company’s finished goods.  The company holds direct manufacturer-takeback contracts and manages thousands of working computers for dozens of other recycling companies, ensuring full audits, full import permits, and ongoing relationships with overseas partners.

Times are tough for the scrap industry and electronics recycling. Market prices are down and CRT glass recycling faces ongoing challenges. Nonetheless, Good Point continues its dedication to ethical electronics recycling. In economically troubled regions around the world, Good Point is a voice for responsible and compliant electronic reuse which continues to help those who struggle to meet daily needs gain the skills and equipment they need to join the digital world.