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Current Member Spotlight

MRM - The Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company

mrm_logo_longThe Electronic Manufacturers Recycling Management Company, or MRM as it is commonly known, assists manufacturers and consumers to divert electronic products from the waste stream and ensures that these products are recycled in an environmentally responsible manner. The organization works to develop recycling systems that are convenient for consumers and open to participation by all electronic product manufacturers.

MRM’s mission is to “bring manufacturers together into long-term relationships that help provide convenient, environmentally responsible recycling opportunities to consumers nationwide.”

MRM is unique in that it was established by manufacturers for manufacturers. The founding companies for this joint venture—Panasonic, Sharp and Toshiba—are leaders in green electronic programs and committed to the sustainable stewardship of their manufactured products. Since its initial formation in 2007, MRM has expanded its services to include 30 participating manufacturers and retailers.

The company operates recycling programs in 20 states that have regulatory “take back” laws and it manages a National Voluntary Recycling network that provides recycling opportunities in every state. In states with “take back” regulations, MRM provides turn-key assistance to manufacturers in complying with state-specific producer responsibly requirements. Manufacturers can participate with MRM to comply with the regulatory requirements in the “take back” states. Manufacturers can also take advantage of MRM’s National Recycling Program.

When manufacturers join MRM’s National Recycling Program, they have access to a convenient, “ready-to-go” national electronics recycling program.. MRM’s National Program provides   consumers with recycling collection sites in every state and. Most MRM drop-off sites accept all types and brands of consumer electronics for recycling. All MRM sites accept, Panasonic, Sanyo, and Sharp brand TVs and consumer electronics such as VCRs and DVDs at no charge. There may be a charge for recycling other brands or products in certain states. To help consumers find these recyclers, MRM provides a state-by-state listing of consumer collection sites around the country.

MRM’s Environmental Record

Since its founding, MRM has recycled nearly 500 million pounds of electronics. MRM works with a small group of environmentally responsible recyclers to ensure that all material recycled in its program are managed in an environmentally responsible manner. All of the collected electronics in MRM’s electronics recycling program are recycled by Third Party Certified Recyclers, either e-Stewards certified or R2 certified, or both.

MRM is the recipient of the Treehugger Best of Green Award and it won the first National Plug-In To eCycling’s TV Recycling Challenge, a U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program. MRM joined NERC as a Sustaining Member in 2009.  In addition to being a NERC Advisory Member, MRM is also an Affiliate Member of the Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse (ERCC).

According to Tricia Conroy, MRM Executive Director, “We believe that manufacturers working together to manage recycling systems is the best way to ensure effective and sustainable recycling for electronic products. MRM is proud to provide both effective recycling programs in states where manufacturers are required to recycle electronics and to provide a comprehensive voluntary national recycling program. In terms of electronics recycling, our programs offer two critical elements—transparency and use of vendors certified to high standards.  NERC is a great partner in the support of responsible recycling and we are proud to have been a Sustaining Member for the past five years.”