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Current Member Spotlight

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc.

Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI) is a Washington, DC-based trade isri_logoassociation representing more than 1,600 for-profit companies – ranging from small, family-owned businesses to large, multi-national corporations -- operating at more than 3,500 facilities in the United States and 34 countries worldwide.

ISRI members are manufacturers and processors, brokers and industrial consumers of scrap commodities, including ferrous and nonferrous metals, paper, electronics, rubber, plastics, glass, and textiles. ISRI's associate members include equipment and service providers to the scrap recycling industry. Manufacturers and sellers of equipment and services—such as shredders, balers, cranes, cargo transporters, computer systems, and more— find value in promoting the scrap recycling industry through their membership in ISRI.

For more than 200 years, scrap recycling businesses have been vital contributors to the U.S. economy, job creation, global trade, energy savings, and resource sustainability. Today, scrap recycling is a multi-billion dollar industry, with an estimated 138,000 employees.

ISRI assists members by providing service in several broad categories including: safety, networking and education, market research and reporting, regulatory and legal information, industry-specific publications, and representation.

ISRI Safety

Safety is a core value for ISRI.  ISRI leads the industry in the production and distribution of training materials designed to improve the safety and operations of the scrap industry.  ISRI provides a number of safety services to all of its members that include: 1-Day Safety Management Blueprint Training; ISRI Safety 10-Hour Training; 2-3 Day Transportation Safety Assessment Program; 2-Day Material Handler Train-the-Trainer; and, The Circle of Safety Excellence TM - a new initiative offered by ISRI to recognize members that willingly share safety data and best practices for the betterment of their own safety operations.

ISRI Advocacy

ISRI advocates on behalf of the industry before the U.S. Congress, federal and state agencies, state governments and international bodies on a variety of important issues directly and indirectly impacting the recycling industry. For example, ISRI's State Policy Program provides those in the industry with the tools they need to comply with current regulations, help to identify legislative policy trends in neighboring states and nationally, and engage state officials on the bills that may impact the industry.

ISRI Education and Training

ISRI and its chapters host dozens of educational and networking events each year to foster the growth of professionals within the recycling industry.  The annual ISRI Convention and Exposition is the largest scrap recycling event in the world bringing together industry leaders, equipment manufacturers, and policymakers to discover the latest technology and recycling equipment, participate in a host of workshops and network with customers and clients throughout the world.  ISRI 2015 Convention and Exposition will take place April 21-25, in Vancouver BC Canada.

ISRI Commodities and Standards

ISRI provides weekly updates to members on the economic, commodity and scrap market developments affecting the industry. ISRI publishes the Scrap Specifications Circular that provides guidelines for buying and selling a variety of processed scrap commodities, including ferrous, nonferrous, paper, plastics, electronics, rubber, and glass to ensure consistency and standardization for the worldwide sale and purchase of scrap commodities.

ISRI supports the implementation of RIOS™ - the Recycling Industry Operating Standard™.  Specifically designed for the recycling industry, RIOS integrates the key operational elements for quality, environmental, health, and safety bringing them together into one streamlined management system standard.

The R2/RIOS™ certification is solely for electronics recyclers to demonstrate to customers that electronics are being recycled with the highest standards for data privacy, environmental controls, employee health and safety and corporate responsibility.  R2/RIOS combines the strengths of the R2:2013 standard with RIOS to provide a comprehensive set of standards for electronics recyclers.

ISRI Community and Public Relations

ISRI offers a number of public relations materials to educate local communities about the benefits of recycling.

The ISRI Scrap Yearbook 2014 is a great primer for the industry that provides current and historical industry analysis.  ISRI has collaborated with the Jason Learning to develop a recycling education campaign for students in kindergarten through 12th grade.  ISRI routinely works with members and law enforcement to participate in Metals Theft Training seminars covering scrap recycling operations, the impact of metals theft, metals identification, local statutes, and ISRI resources including and

ISRI joined NERC as an Advisory Member in 2008. According to Robin Wiener, President for ISRI, “The scrap recycling industry is uniquely positioned to meet the challenges of today’s world, offering tangible sustainable solutions for balancing economic growth and environmental stewardship, contributing to economic and environmental sustainability for our nation and our world. Our participation in organizations such as NERC allows ISRI to add its voice at NERC events and to listen to other NERC Advisory Members and Board Members on issues and concerns they have with recycling.”