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Current Member Spotlight

Safety Management Systems & Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

For years, NERC’s monthly Bulletin has featured Advisory Member Spotlights, introducing to its readers the organization’s newest Benefactors and Sustaining Members. This month, we’ve expanded our coverage to include new Supporting Members, whose contributions to NERC’s success have been essential for years as well. Following are two Supporting Member Spotlights, highlighting the work of NERC’s newest members: Safety Management Systems and Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe.

Safety Management Systems

Founded in 2004 and headquartered in Norwalk, Connecticut, Safety Management Systems is a certified women-owned business enterprise whose SMS360 software tool, launched in 2016, is used by companies around the world to increase revenue and efficiency by streamlining safety and compliance efforts.

Among the industries to embrace the software solutions of SMS360 are waste management, transportation, construction, municipalities, warehousing, and construction. Benefits reported by customers include reduced operational costs; decreased OSHA/DOT fines and violations; reduced medical and insurance costs; and improved incident prevention through automated communications and external reporting.

In contracting with its customers, SMS360 employs a vertical strategy in which Level 1 is occupied by its anchor client. In the case of waste management, the anchor client is New Jersey-based Interstate Waste Services. As the anchor client, Interstate Waste Services helps SMS360 develop a comprehensive solution for the waste management industry. On its website, Interstate Waste Services highlights the importance of its work with SMS360, stating, “Maintaining compliance with the ever-changing regulatory requirements and safety best practices is a responsibility we proudly accept.”

Level 2 of SMS360’s vertical strategy consists of mid-sized entities, and small clients occupy Level 3.

"There is no competition in Safety, and we are proud to have clients who share their knowledge and push the envelope, and SMS360, to protect their workers," says Christien Ducker, Chief Executive Officer & Founder. "Therefore, the partnership with NERC is one more step to meet the increasing need both in the Environmental and the Regulatory Compliance sectors…and we are excited to be on the journey with them."

NERC has long known that waste management is among the most dangerous jobs in the United States. We welcome the opportunity to partner with Safety Management Systems in providing effective solutions to improving safety for waste management employees.

Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

The Tribal Council of the Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe (SRMT) is headquartered in Akwesasne, NY. According to the United States Census Bureau, the Indian reservation has a total area of 21.0 square miles; 41.5 acres in Franklin County NY were added to the tribal holdings in 2021.

Among the divisions of SRMT is the Environment Division, the responsibilities of which include agriculture, air quality, and waste management. According to the tribal website, the “solid waste management program is dedicated to managing solid wastes in a manner that honors the earth, people, plants, animals, and waters while contributing to the economic and social progress of the community.” Customers take their recyclables to the Tribe’s recycling depot, at the transfer station, for free.

Last year, Recycling Coordinator David Casales reported, “We got the people involved into reducing waste by reusing used items. We gave free used items in a flea market type of event called Stop & Swap table event. This event makes it fun and exciting for community members.” 

“We conducted a Hazardous Waste Material Flow trash sampling project where hazardous waste was found,” Casales continued. “We also found textiles in the trash samples, and we will find a way to divert these materials from the landfill.”

Why partner with NERC? “I am excited to find more dynamic ways to continue reducing, reusing, and recycling,” Casales said. “I will also like to learn of more market options to recycle in New York. We would like to start the collection of recycled textiles.”