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Current Member Spotlight


Using the Power of Business to do Good

TOMRA has a vision — to lead the Resource Revolution by enabling better use of the world’s natural resources within the recycling, food processing and mining industries. We believe that providing smart sensor-based solutions to optimize our resources is key to the Resource Revolution.


TOMRA process

Global resources are under unprecedented pressure – as are the economics of materials recovery. Resource productivity must increase to ensure sustainable development.  TOMRA serves NERC’s membership with its technology and systems – and operates with its partners facilities in CT, MA, ME, and VT.  NERC affords its stakeholders opportunities to share innovations, best practices and at times work collaboratively towards common interest goals.  To TOMRA, this is the Resource Revolution!  Watch our video.

Solutions for a Problem

TOMRA got its start in the early 1970s in Asker, Norway, when brothers Petter and Tore Planke provided a local grocer with a machine that could quickly and easily take back empty bottles. Petter and Tore invented the world’s first reverse vending machine (RVM), and founded TOMRA in 1972.

Advances in technology, as well as strategic acquisitions, propelled the company’s growth. With the acquisition of NEROC in 1992, one of the first deposit-return companies in the northeast, TOMRA expanded its services in North America to help optimize the recycling value chain — redemption, transportation and processing – and is a partner in the PET reclaiming company UltrePET.  

TOMRA Oregon Coop 

Oregon Beverage Recycling Coop’s ‘Bottle-Drop’ Redemption Centers utilize TOMRA technology to serve consumers and bulk redemption accounting. 

Sensors are like good eyes

TOMRA further expanded its scope in the 2000’s to become a leading provider of recognition technology serving processors in the recycling, food and mining sectors. 

TOMRA machines

Detection is at the core of sorting. Our machines´ sensors found in TOMRA technology are like good eyes; they see more and are thus able to supply more information. As the global pioneer in sensor-based sorting, TOMRA’s sorting technology continues to dynamically drive the development of increasingly better and newer sensors.

Today’s Solutions, Tomorrow’s Answers

TOMRA has some 74,500 reverse vending machines and 4,500 optical sorting units in use in over 60 markets.  We are proud of our innovations that allow for growth and long-term economic health of today’s recycling systems – and promise to bring our experience and resources to support future dialog among stakeholders. 

For more information about TOMRA, contact Chuck Riegle, TOMRA’s Senior Vice President of Governmental Affairs & Compliance, at, or call (203) 449-8393.