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Contact: Lynn Rubinstein,, 802-254-3636
Date: February 17, 2021

MRF Blended Value Study Update Published shows Upswing in Values

The seventh in its series of quarterly reports on the blended value of a ton of materials marketed at MRFs in the Northeast has been published by NERC. The report covers the period October – December 2020. Twelve states are represented in this report, including Connecticut, Delaware, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, Vermont, Virginia and West Virginia.

These survey results reflect the differing laws and collection options in the participating states.  Four of the states have beverage container deposit laws.  As a result, fewer glass bottles, PET bottles and aluminum cans are processed in MRFs in those states. Those MRFs are also likely to have less revenue from those recyclables.  In addition, the report reflects a mix of single stream, dual stream and source separation to collect recyclables with single stream being the most common approach.  The type of collection used will have an impact on MRF design and operation. Thus, the data from this report reflects the unique blend of facilities and statewide laws in the reporting states.

Overall, values were up significantly from the previous quarter.  The reported values are a weighted average of all responses. 

  • Average value per ton with the expense of handling residuals: $53.96 – up 29% the previous quarter.
  • Average value per ton without residuals: $60.46 - up 23% the previous quarter.

The average processing cost per was $80/ton. This quarter represents a decrease of 5% over the previous period.

The survey will be repeated for the quarter January – March 2021 and a report published of the results.  

The study was made possible with a grant from EPA Region 3.

Current report: MRF Blended Commodity Values in the Northeast - February 2021

Previous reports:

For more information, contact Lynn Rubinstein.