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Current Member Spotlight


BAG TO EARTH’s corporate goal is to help the growing number of householBAG TO EARTH logods and communities that are diverting food scrap and organic waste by providing compostable paper food and yard waste bags to complete the organics loop.  For more than 60 years, the Canadian-owned and operated company has been manufacturing Kraft paper packaging products for a variety of industries. Today, BAG TO EARTH is in the forefront of providing compostable paper bags to the waste diversion industry and consumers. 

BAG TO EARTH, the Planet, and NERC

“At BAG TO EARTH, we are committed to providing products that will enrich both our existence and the environment,” observed Director of Manufacturing, George Colgan. “Our mission is to be an industry leader in providing our customers with responsible packaging. We ensure that our raw materials complete the organic loop—from food scraps to composting to soil.”

“Our dedication to working collaboratively with municipalities and processors has helped us become an industry leader in Canada – and we are now expanding into the United States,” he said. “Joining NERC is a step on this path to expand our presence into the Northeast and outward to the rest of the country.”

“As an environmental packaging company, we strive to ensure that our policy of purchasing and use of paper assists and contributes to the long term goals of reducing and ending worldwide deforestation,” Mr. Colgan continued. “Our aim is for the implementation and support of strong forest management practices. Moreover, it is the policy of our company, whenever the manufacturing end user application determines it, that recycled content be used.”

It’s in the BAG

BAG TO EARTH’s food scrap collection bags are certified compostable. All materials that Sac-au-Sol Bag to Earthare used to make the bags—paper, glue and vegetable-based inks—are fully compostable. The clear lining in the company’s food waste bags is cellulose: this leak-resistant and odor-proof cellulose liner is made from 100% natural fibers, is GMO free, and is designed to compost fully into the earth. The company’s motto is to make it easy for households to participate in the “right organic waste cycle” by effectively diverting organic food and yard trimmings from the landfill to composting or anaerobic digestion operations.

The bags are sturdy enough to stand alone on a counter or under a kitchen sink. The bags are also designed to fit all standard kitchen food scrap collection containers. To see the BAG TO EARTH compostable bag in action check out this video.

BAG TO EARTH compostable bags are designed to facilitate greater participation in food scrap diversion programs because of its ease for use and its strength and moisture resistant characteristics. Compost operators are also assured that since it is made entirely of paper and is certified compostable, the bags readily degrade in the compost process and add valuable carbon for improving the initial carbon to nitrogen ratio. The compostable bags can be collected and processed efficiently and cost effectively. The bags help absorb moisture of food waste during collection; and they breathe, allowing for aerobic conditions and thus helping control odor emissions during composting. The bag will also effectively compost in home composting systems.

Building Effective Partnerships

“As a company we are committed to helping cities and their residents divert their food scraps easily and cleanly,” stated Mr. Colgan. “Our compostable paper food waste bags, with a cellulose liner,  are designed to be strong and moisture resistant, makes them a great fit for the composting processes used in any region.”

BAG TO EARTH strives to build partnerships to help complete the organics loop. The company will work with municipalities to develop promotional programs for their food scrap diversion initiatives.

The company has developed numerous partnerships with municipalities in Canada. In the United States, BAG TO EARTH has partnered with Global Green USA in the Bay Area on a pilot food scrap collection program at multi-family dwellings in Albany, California. The company has also partnered with Stop Waste, a public agency responsible for reducing the waste stream, in Alameda County, California.

With food scrap diversion on the rise in the Northeast and elsewhere in the United States, BAG TO EARTH’s paper food waste bags are sure to be on store shelves everywhere in the near future!