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Current Member Spotlight

Organix Solutions

Organix Solutions is on a mission. A mission to keep organics—food scraps and soiled Organix Solutions Logopaper—out of the waste stream. The company is committed to restoring these resources to higher value uses through composting or anaerobic digestion. To accomplish its mission, Organix Solutions builds partnerships with the public sector, businesses, communities, agriculture, haulers, compost facilities, and others to provide solutions for organics management.

Building Partners through NERC

NERC’s reputation for bringing people together was appealing to Organix Solutions. States the company’s CEO, Jim Wollschlager, “joining NERC meant a partnering opportunity for us. Through NERC we could network with businesses, state, regional, and local governments, nonprofit organizations, and others from around the Northeast and discuss potential solutions for organics, a growing issue in the region.”  He added “being a Minnesota-based company we are well known in the mid-west. We want to increase our presence around the Northeast and NERC offers us an important networking opportunity and visibility.”

Promoting the Triple Bottom Line

People, planet, and profit are an important component of the Organix Solutions mission.  

Organix Solutions values its employees and its partners and understands that people are at the core of its work and providing sustainable organics management solutions.

The company believes that providing solutions to divert organics from waste disposal to create valuable organics commodities benefits the planet. It knows that putting these resources to work is vital for reducing our carbon footprint by lowering harmful greenhouse gases and our reliance on fossil fuels.

And, the company has confidence that this can be done without compromising its profits as a business. According to Organix Solutions, Program & Marketing Manager, Debra Darby, “there doesn’t have to be a choice between the environment and profitability. Our programs help to reduce costs and bring in new revenue streams, benefiting our company, our employees, our partners, and our planet.”Organix Blue Bag logo

Sustainable Solutions at Work

Organix Solutions provides consulting services for organics collection and recycling programs. Its innovative Blue Bag Organics® / Green Bag Organix™ Program allows for co-collection of source separated organics (SSO) without putting additional trucks on the road. Program costs are reduced and communities and business districts benefit from not having additional truck traffic on the road and no additional vehicle emissions resulting from the program.

Program participants simply place their organics in a compostable bag, close the bag, and put it in with their regular garbage or recycling bin. The organic materials are co-collected with other MSW or single-stream recyclables, the bags are sorted out at a transfer station or MRF.  The sorted bags are then transported to compost or anaerobic digestion facilities for processing.

Organix Blue Bag program

The Organix Solutions compostable liner is a Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI®) certified high performance compostable can liner. The company designed and manufactures the liners to ensure that their strength and performance meets the demands of the program. According to the company, the bags are designed to hold up to the compaction in a garbage truck and that contamination due to bag failure is less than 3%.

The company works with their partners to design the SSO program, assists with phased implementation, and provides marketing and promotional tools. Ultimately, according to the company, the program brings the focus on the "opportunities to recycle" to show users that diverting organics is as easy and convenient as disposing of mixed waste.

Check out a program brochure for more information.

The company is also manufacturer of Organix AG Film, a 100% compostable agricultural mulch film. And, Organix Solutions is venturing into new technologies to address organics, including “BurCell System Technology.” This system involves a thermal decomposition process which converts pre-sorted MSW and other feedstock into a consistent, homogenous process engineered cellulosic product. The company states that the new technology is part of its “Organix Layered Approach™” for managing organics, municipal solid waste, and energy recovery.