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Current Member Spotlight

Interstate Refrigerant Recovery Inc. and Rezzi

We are pleased to welcome two new Supporting Advisory Members to Northeast Recycling Council: Interstate Refrigerant Recovery Inc. and Rezzi

Interstate Refrigerant Recovery Inc.

Since their start in 2000, Interstate Refrigerant Recover Inc.  (IRRI) has grown more every Year. They currently work with over 500 towns, municipalities, scrap yards and large commercial contractors in the Northeast to recover all freon from different types of units.  Their work involves recycling refrigerant from appliances that are dropped off at transfer stations, and other companies in the New England area. The importance of their work lies in the recycling of refrigerants which are part of household items such as air conditioners, dehumidifiers, refrigerators, water coolers, and some water heaters now. Refrigerant can also be found in large commercial appliances and commercial rooftop chillers.

Freon, another word for refrigerant, is an essential part of all cooling appliances but is dangerous as it contains chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) which are detrimental to our ozone layer. CFCs were invented around a century ago and it wasn’t until the 1970s that their harmful effects were discovered. Since then, the Environmental Protection Agency has worked to implement regulations of CFC’s. IRRI’s work is crucial as they help facilitate the proper disposal and recycling of these substances.  Interstate Refrigerant doesn’t only recover all refrigerant they also have their sister company Refrigerant Solutions Inc. where all freon is brought and reclaimed or sent out to other Companies for further processing or Disposal.

 IRRI has had the privilege to be able to work with large entities including Yankee Stadium, Mass General Hospital and on some decommissioned Navy Vessels to properly remove and recycle refrigerant. The scale of their work is not only impressive but also critical for the safety of our environment and preserving the current state of our ozone.

“Protecting the Environment and Ozone Layer for the Future of Our Children”

NERC is pleased to welcome IRRI as a new Supporting Advisory Member. We look forward to seeing them expand in the Northeast and continue to do the extremely important work they do.


Rezzi started out as a robotics company that aimed to develop robots who would assist in the physical challenge some people may face in taking out their trash. Their robot was particularly aimed toward assisting the elderly and through this avenue they were able to gain nationwide recognition through their appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. During the development phase of their robot, they came across some dire information that caused them to pivot their efforts.

They learned that one of the most pressing issues facing the waste management system in the United States is that landfill space in the US is diminishing rapidly. On top of that, they discovered that in the Northeast region, municipalities will have exhausted all the available landfill space as early as 2030. To help address this issue, Co-Founders Andrew Murray and Nick Balboni shifted their robotics platform to one they have named SmartCan.

SmartCan is a device that attaches to the bottom of residential trash can, one that would be collected from your local garbage truck. The goal of the device is to track metrics to more effectively measure waste generation. The device collects key data like the weight of the trash that is going into these garbage bins on a daily basis. This collection of data will allow municipalities, businesses, and institutions to target areas with high garbage levels and implement reduction programs to help reduce waste. The long-term goal is waste reduction to try and slow the fast-growing landfill levels.

“At Rezzi, we are working to empower those that can enact change to better monitor and track their waste reduction and diversion initiatives. We are excited to join the NERC community to connect with members who are looking for ways to better monitor their on-site waste generation and drive change at the ground level.”

NERC is excited to welcome Rezzi to its team of Supporting Advisory Members. We look forward to helping Rezzi in any way we can and working with them as they grow and expand.