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Current Member Spotlight

Pratt Industries

New NERC Advisory Member Pratt Industries is a leader in recycling OCC. Its Pratt Industries logorecycling division helps divert more than 3 million tons of materials from landfill every year. The company’s boxes and packaging supplies are manufactured from 100% recycled materials. “Pratt’s Recycling Division employs approximately 400 team members across 18 facilities who work daily to collect, sort and transport materials recovered through the recycling efforts of businesses and households.”

Founded more than 30 years ago as a family-owned business, and headquartered in the Atlanta area, Pratt Industries is now America's fifth largest corrugated packaging company. It is the world's largest, privately-held 100% recycled paper and packaging company.  Last December, the company broke ground on a $500 million paper mill and box factory in Henderson, Kentucky.

NERC’s most recent Summary of Announced Increased Capacity to Use Recycled Paper report notes, “This update includes projects at 28 mills, of which 17 have been completed. The 17 completed projects include four new mills.  When NERC first published this list in November 2018, it included new capacity at 17 mills, of which three projects were completed.”

Pratt’s Value Invested Program collaborates with customers to reduce operating costs; optimize productivity; and increase transportation efficiencies, all of which bring products to market more quickly. In addition to creating new products from something used, Pratt’s continued growth creates thousands of green-collar jobs across the United States.

NERC looks forward to collaborating with new Advisory Member Pratt Industries to continue to grow the company’s impressive success. The company’s involvement with NERC promises to be a mutually beneficial partnership.