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Current Member Spotlight

UNTHA America

The recycling scene continues to change, challenging companies to innovate quickly to unthakeep up with trends and new technologies. One company that has been at the forefront of innovation for shredding equipment for many years is UNTHA shredding technology.  With a wide variety of shredders for applications from shredding electronic scrap to hazardous waste, UNTHA’s portfolio of products is extensive.  The company also provides custom shredding solutions, like an installation at the Dana Farber Cancer Institute to shred sensitive medical records and documents, which resulted in significant cost savings to the organization.

Some Background

In 1970, Anton Unterwurzacher set up a small engineering firm just outside Salzburg, Austria that offered a varied range of general engineering services.

Then, in the early 1980’s, a local businessman asked Anton to produce a shredder capable of processing wooden packing cases and cardboard. This request led, in 1983, to the development and patent of the world’s first four-shaft cutting system with perforated screens.

Demand for UNTHA’s industrial shredders soon grew. In the mid 1980’s UNTHA began to export the technology to the rest of Europe and to America. Over the next two decades, UNTHA continued to add to its line of industrial strength shredders to keep pace with the growing recycling industry.

Acknowledging the evolving environmental agenda in North America and the growing number of inquiries coming from the U.S. and Canada, UNTHA expanded across the Atlantic. UNTHA America was established in 2007 as a result.   Keen to develop the greatest possible understanding of local vertical markets and attitudes towards trash, scrap and recycling in North America, UNTHA handpicked the most experienced engineering team for this new venture.

Now, UNTHA shredding technology and UNTHA America share:

  • A common commitment to innovation, quality and education
  • Determination to solve waste and recycling problems
  • The belief that customers should lie at the heart of every business decision.

“Our company believes in providing the highest quality engineering to our customers, and to meet the needs of large or small recycling business throughout the United States,” says Bernhard Martinz, President of UNTHA America. “We are very happy to be an Advisory Member with the Northeast Recycling Council because of the exposure we gain with the recycling industry.  We feel that our values align quite well with those of NERC.”

A Wide Variety of Products

Electronic Scrap Shredders – UNTHA’s e-scrap shredders are high torque, low speed UNTHA electronic scrap shreddershear shredders that achieve a powerful yet incredibly efficient shred. With patented four shaft shredding technology these tough machines pre-shred and re-shred material in a single pass resulting in a precisely defined, homogenous particle size, regardless of the initial bulkiness or complexity of the waste stream.

Waste to Energy/RDF Shredders – These shredders enable ordinary trash to be thoroughly processed and transformed into a valuable resource. This reduces our reliance on fossil fuels and enables us to create a clean energy from the waste that households and businesses continue to generate.

Confidential Document Shredders - The rugged, heavy duty nature of this four shaft shredder also means it will thrive in even the toughest of shredding conditions.  The specially designed cutters are incredibly hard-wearing lasting for over 4,000 operational hours before they need to be changed. Self-cleaning contra shears also heighten the machine’s reliability and reduce the amount of necessary ongoing maintenance.

UNTHA plastic recycling shredderPlastic Recycling Shredders – These shredders can handle everything from plastic film to automobile bumpers and dashboards using a single shaft design.

Food Waste Shredders – Designed to optimally process organic waste for anaerobic digestion, the shredding activity needs to be slow-runniUNTHA food waste shredderng and designed to produce a reliable particle size. These machines utilize an innovative cutting system with specific tooth and cutting gap geometrics to ensure the right fermentation substrate.

Hazardous Waste Shredders – UNTHA hazardous waste shredders handle materials such as batteries, chemical drums, and oil filters, on site.  Compact in size yet packed with robust functionality, these compact four shaft shredders have been specially designed to achieve high productivity and consistent throughput, even when tackling the aggressive substances associated with hazardous wastes.

UNTHA also offers shredders for industrial wood shredding, textile shredding, cable shredding, and aluminum can shredding.  But could it ever occur that one of UNTHA America’s shredders would be shredded?    “Though our machines have a reputation of lasting a long time we do have a reuse strategy.  When a customer wants to upgrade their equipment, our engineers will refurbish the shredder and put it back to work serving recyclers in their business,” says President Martinz. 

"NERC is a great way to keep informed with what is going on in recycling and sustainability in the region,"  noted Charles Hildebrand, Regional Sales Manager.