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NERC's Fall Conference Dates Set & Call for Papers Announced

NERC's Fall Conference will be held on October 29 - 30 at the Graduate Providence in Providence, Rhode Island.  A Call for Papers about plastics recycling issues has been announced.  Details available here

Abstract submission deadline:   July 1, 2019

Contact Mary Ann Remolador, NERC's Assistant Director & Events Coordinator

Summary of Announced Increased Capacity to Use Recycled Paper – Updated April 2019

Last fall NERC published a document chronicling national investment in paper recycling infrastructure. The list was produced by the NERC-NEWMOA Regional Recycling Markets Committee.  The Committee’s goal is to identify and implement strategies to promote and enhance recycling markets in the region.

With a new facility announcement, this resource has now been updated.

For further information, contact Lynn Rubinstein, NERC Executive Director or Chaz Miller, Chair of the NERC-NEWMOA Regional Recycling Markets Committee.

Best Practices for Solid Waste & Recycling Contracting Webinar Recording and Presentations Available

Member Spotlight - PaintCare

Even today, in most states in the nation, leftover paint is usually stored until a household hazardous waste (HHW) day is scheduled. However, according to Earth911, “Most hazardous waste is incinerated instead of recycled.” For the environmentally conscious consumer, such a solution seems very far from adequate, especially when it has been confirmed that paint can be recycled. In fact, Earth911 reports, “Using 1 gallon of recycled paint instead of new paint saves 100 kilowatt-hours of energy and keeps 115 pounds of carbon dioxide out of the air.” Read more . . .

OrganicsManagemenListserv logo

NERC's listserv for Advancing Organics Management in the Northeast 

This unique listserv is an opportunity to share information about what’s happening with organics management. It is open to anyone interested in advancing organics diversion in the Northeast.  Learn more at the Organics Listserv website.

Toxics in Packaging Clearinghouse logo

Toxics in Packaging Clearinghouse (TPCH)

TPCH supports the implementation of toxics in packaging laws and the reduction of heavy metals in the waste stream on behalf of its member states.
Learn more at the TPCH website


The State Electronics Challenge (SEC)

The SEC encourages state, regional, and local governments to purchase greener computers, reduce the impacts of computer use, and manage obsolete computers in an environmentally safe way.
Learn more at the SEC website


Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse (ERCC)

ERCC provides a forum for information exchange among state agencies implementing electronics recycling laws and all impacted stakeholders.
Learn more at the ERCC website


NERC’s Environmentally Preferable Products Procurement Listserv (EPPnet)

EPPnet links federal, state, and local environmental officials, and private procurement specialists charged with purchasing green products and services and developing policies for the procurement of these products.
Learn more here