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Spring 2015 Conference Agenda, Presentations, & Resources

Own the Future - Creative Options to Sustainable Materials Management

April 7 - 8, 2015 - Wilmington, Delaware

Conference Agenda



Keynote Address - Moving Towards a Circular Economy
Nina Goodrich, GreenBlue
Extended Producer Responsibility: Progress, Pitfalls, & Prospects Reid Lifset, Yale University

PaintCare Paint Stewardship Program

Marie Clark, PaintCare
The State of Carpet Recycling in the US

Bob Peoples, CARE


Mattress Recycling Laws in the States

Chris Hudgins, Mattress Recycling Council


Impacts of Single Stream Recycling: Challenges to the Evolving Recycling Stream

Eric Harris, Director, ISRI


Impacts of Single-Stream Recycling: The Philadelphia Story

Phil Bresee, City of Philadelphia


Recommunity Delaware

Bob Anderson, ReCommunity

Sustainable Materials Management and The Definition of Solid Waste Final Rule

Rick Rogers, EPA Region III

Mixed Waste Processing_The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

Eileen Berenyi, Governmental Advisory Associates Inc

History of Dirty MRFs in Delaware

Rick Watson, Delaware Solid Waste Authority

Topics in the Economics of Mixed Waste Processing & Diversion


Michael Timpane, RRS


Redefining Waste Kyle Mowitz, Infinitus Energy
New Challenges for Recycling: Residential Dirty MRFs
Fran McPoland, Paper Recycling Coalition


Presenter Resources

Berenyi's Resource Recycling Article - What Comes After Single Stream?
Innes & Company - Maine's Product Stewardship Programs
Massachusetts Paint Fact Sheet

PSI's E-Scrap News Article Struggling State-by-State

PSI's Resource Recycling Article - EPR's Next Step
US EPA - Overview of the 2015 Definition of Solid Waste Final Rule
US EPA - 2014 Definition of Solid Waste Final Rule Frequently Asked Questions
US EPA - Fact Sheet: 2014 Definition of Solid Waste Final Rule
Who is PSI?


NERC Resources

Construction & Demolition Debris

Model EPP Specifications and Purchasing Guidelines