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Current Source Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, & EPP Projects

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Organics Management Listserv

NERC’s Listserv for Advancing Organics Management in the Northeast presents an opportunity to share information about what’s happening with organics management. The listserv is unique in that it is open to anyone interested in advancing organics diversion in the Northeast through promotion of the organics management hierarchy (i.e., reduction, recovery, recycling [composting], anaerobic digestion).

Why an Organics Forum?

NERC’s Organics Management Listserv provides a forum to share information, questions, ideas, and concerns on regulations and strategies for promoting organics diversion; updates on existing or upcoming related programs, projects, services, initiatives, goals, events; identifying ways to advance organics diversion through reduction, recovery, composting, and anaerobic digestion; and business development.

Who can Join? The listserv is open to anyone (e.g., government, businesses, non-profits, institutions, and other interested parties) to join. NERC administers the listserv sign-up process and monitors discussions to ensure the appropriateness of dialogues.

What do we mean by Organics?

  • Of, relating to, or derived from living organisms: organic matter
  • Yard and landscape trimmings—leaves, grass clippings, & tree & brush trimmings
  • Agricultural and land-clearing/forestry debris
  • Manures and biosolids
  • Food scraps and food processing residues
  • Non-recyclable/soiled paper—napkins, paper towels, pizza boxes & other paper products
  • Items manufactured from organics—compostable bags, utensils, plates, cups and bowls made from corn and potato starch, bagasse, PLA & similar materials

Some Suggestions for Discussion Topics:

  • Organics management hierarchy—reduction, recovery, recycling (composting), anaerobic digestion
  • Food scrap recovery in action - Case studies of existing programs
  • Integrating food scrap collection and processing into existing organics management programs
  • Program ideas, questions, what works, lessons learned
  • New collection ideas; collection technologies and equipment
  • Processing technologies and equipment
  • Program issues, solutions, troubleshooting
  • Public promotion, overcoming the “yuck factor”
  • Compostable packaging
  • More!

Listserv Requirement:  The listerv is hosted by Yahoo. A Yahoo email account is required of everyone interested in participating in the listserv. Once you are a member of the listserv, you can elect to use your Yahoo email address or sign in through Facebook or a Google account.

To join the listserve:

For more information, contact Lynn Rubinstein.