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Current Source Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, & EPP Projects & Initiatives

Click on the following links to learn more about specific projects:

Organics Management Listserv

NERC’s Listserv for Advancing Organics Management in presents the opportunity to participate in a conversation about organics management and organics markets. The listserv is unique in that it is open to anyone interested in advancing the organics management hierarchy (i.e., reduction, recovery, recycling [composting], anaerobic digestion).

Who can Join? This is a Google Group and is open to anyone (e.g., government, businesses, non-profits, institutions, and other interested parties). NERC administers the listserv sign-up process and monitors discussions to ensure the appropriateness of dialogues.  To join the conversation, send an email to, including your name, state and affiliation.

Google Groups

Google requires that you have a Gmail account to initially access the listserv.  Once in, you can change your email address to whatever you want through the settings.  Here is what Google says:

Join a Google group without a Gmail address

If you don't have a Google Account, you can:

  • Read posts in public groups
  • Search for posts in public groups

You need a Google Account to:

  • Create and manage a group
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  • Delete a post
  • Read a restricted group's posts

To use these features with Google Groups, you can create a Google Account without changing your email address.

You can also link a non-Gmail email address to an existing Google Account. The linked email address can be made an owner or manager. Learn how to sign in to your Google Account with another email address.