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Current Source Reduction, Reuse, Recycling, & EPP Projects & Initiatives

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Glass Recycling in Rural Communities in Maine

NERC was awarded a USDA Solid Waste Management grant in October 2020 to work with nine rural communities in Maine with developing and sustaining a safe and economically feasible glass recycling program for their residents. The participant regional recycling organizations, communities, and project partners include: North Aroostook Solid Waste Association (NASWA) - Eagle Lake, New Canada, Wallagrass, Winterville, Unorganized Territory (Township 15, Range 6); Unity Area Recycling Center - Jackson, Thorndike, Troy, and Unity; Maine Department of Environmental Protection (ME DEP); and the Maine Resource Recovery Association (MRRA).

The project objectives are to identify glass recyclers that serve Maine; provide technical assistance and guidance to implement glass recycling programs; develop resources to inform and educate the public about the new glass recycling programs; develop glass collection and handling safety education for transfer station attendants, including best management practices and training; and promote glass recycling and the project resources through two webinars, social media, press releases, articles, presentations and announcements.

Project Resources

Unity Area Recycling Center Photo

Site Visit Videos of Unity Area Recycling Center's Glass Recycling & Crushing

Signs & Handouts

Marketing Materials

NASWA Glass Recycling Program Photo

Videos of NASWA's Glass Collection & Recycling Efforts


Marketing Materials


Project Contact:  Mary Ann Remolador, NERC's Assistant Director