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Contact: Lynn Rubinstein,, 802-254-3636
Date: July 15, 2020

NERC Launches Virtual Education & Market Development Sponsorship Program

With the switch to virtual events and meetings, it has become challenging for companies and initiatives to be visible and accessible. NERC has launched a new program to provide organizations with an opportunity to be recognized and seen by a national audience of interested consumers: The NERC Webinar Series Sponsorship Program. Sponsorships will support the cost of planning and delivering the webinars.

As an ongoing, free-of-charge service, NERC delivers national webinars that address issues of critical interest to the sustainability and market development community. The number of webinar participants has grown to as many as 1,000 from around the US and Canada. All webinar recordings and presentations are available and archived on NERC’s website.

There are three sponsorship levels with varying benefits.

Webinar Series

NERC has several webinars planned for the coming months, and anticipates several additional ones over the next 12 months.  Several of these are in partnership with the Northeast Waste Management Officials Association (NEWMOA).

Scheduled webinars are:

  • EPA’s AgSTAR Anaerobic Digestion Development Project – July 16
  • Teaching Practical Strategies for Reducing Wasted Food Through Community Events – July 21
  • The Government Recycling Demand Champions Program – July 22
  • Managing Food Waste at Transfer Stations – August 5
  • State & Local Laws Mandating Minimum Recycled Content – September 24
  • The Government Recycling Demand Champions Program - September & November
  • Should Municipalities Get Back in the MRF Game? - November 12

 To be scheduled in coming months:

  • Minimum Recycled Content - Brand owner commitments
  • Plastics – A Complex Topic with Complex Solutions (3 part series)
  • Textile Reuse & Recycling
  • Canadian EPR Program Changes

For more information or to become a Sponsor, contact either Lynn Rubinstein, Executive Director, or Mary Ann Remolador, Assistant Director.