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Contact: Lynn Rubinstein,, 802-254-3636
Date: June 15, 2020

NERC Releases Latest MRF Blended Value of a Ton Report - Region Expanded

NERC has published the fourth in its series of quarterly reports on the blended value of a ton of materials marketed at MRFs in the Northeast. This report covers the period January - March 2020, and is somewhat different from previous reports.

NERC received a grant from EPA Region 3 to expand the survey throughout the Region 3 states (adding Virginia and West Virginia to the 10 states previously included in the studies), and to increase the number of MRFs in the existing Region 3 state participants. In addition, an effort was made to expand the number of dual stream and source separated MRFs to the reporting mix.

The goal for the EPA Region 3 grant was to both expand the geographic scope and to be able to incorporate information into the analysis that reflects any differences in the value of materials coming from single stream as compared to dual stream/source separated MRFs. As a result, this is the first report to include such information.

Current report: NERC Report on Blended MRF Values Survey - May 2020 EPA Region 3 States

Previous reports:

The latest report reveals some interesting trends:

  • The value of a ton of MRF materials increased slightly between the third and fourth quarters, but comparing this quarter to the first quarter of the survey (April – June 2019) the value with and without residuals has decreased.

 Average commodity value per ton with residuals compared to the first quarter -12%.

Average commodity value per ton without residuals - 5%.


April - June 2019

July - September 2019

October - December 2019

January - March 2020

Value of a Ton With Residuals





Value of a Ton Without Residuals





  • The average processing cost per ton: $96/ton. The cost to process has consistently increased quarter to quarter. This quarter represents an increase of 10% over the previous period, and an increase of 17% since the survey began.

The survey will be repeated for the quarter April – June 2020 and a report published of the results.  

For more information, contact Lynn Rubinstein.