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Contact: Lynn Rubinstein,, 802-254-3636
Date: March 9, 2020

NERC Releases Latest MRF Blended Value Report

NERC has published the third in a series of quarterly reports on the blended value of a ton of materials marketed at MRFs in the 11-state region: Blended Commodity Values in the Northeast - February 2020.  This report covers the period October - December 2019.  An additional MRF participated in the survey, bringing the number of participating MRFs from around the region to 15.  The new addition is the first privately-owned MRF data incorporated into the report.

 Earlier reports are also available:

The latest report reveals some interesting trends:

Cost to process a ton of material through a MRF increased by 5% over the three quarters surveyed:

  • April – June 2019: $82
  • July – September 2019: $83
  • October – December 2019: $87

The value of a ton of MRF materials increased slightly between the second and third quarters:


With Residuals

Without Residuals

April – June 2019



July – September 2019



October – December 2019



Nevertheless, overall there has been a decrease of 24% with residuals, 18% without residuals.

The survey will be repeated for the quarter January – March 2020, and we anticipate expanding the number of MRFs participating in the survey.