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Contact: Lynn Rubinstein,, 802-254-3636
Date: May 2, 2019

Updated Summary of Announced Increased Capacity to Use Recycled Paper

Last fall, NERC published a document chronicling national investment in paper recycling infrastructure. The list was produced by the NERC-NEWMOA Regional Recycling Markets Committee. The Committee’s goal is to identify and implement strategies to promote and enhance recycling markets in the region.

With a new facility announcement, this resource has been updated.

For further information, contact Lynn Rubinstein, NERC Executive Director, or Chaz Miller, Chair of the NERC-NEWMOA Regional Recycling Markets Committee.

Current committee membership is:

NERC State Board Members & Designees

Sherill Baldwin

Connecticut Department of Energy & Environmental Protection

Rick Watson

Delaware Solid Waste Authority

Megan Pryor

Maine Department of Environmental Protection

David Mrgich

Maryland Department of the Environment

Brooke Nash

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

John Fischer

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Mike Nork

New Hampshire Department of Environmental Service

Terry Laibach

New York Department of Environmental Conservation

Jared Rhodes

Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation

Cathy Jamieson

Vermont Agency of Natural Resources

Chaz Miller

Ex Officio & Committee Chair

Chip Foley

Ex Officio

NERC Advisory Members

Brian Hawkinson


Liz Bedard


Al Sabino

Casella Waste Systems

Joanne Shafer

Centre County Recycling & Refuse Authority

Sarah Reeves

Chittenden Solid Waste District

Susan Bush

Circular Matters

Susan Collins

Container Recycling Institute

Rachel Kenyon

Fibre Box Association

Jen Heaton-Jones


Victor Horton

Maine Resource Recycling Association (MRRA)

Jennifer Griffith


Debra Darby

Organix Solutions

Bob Bylone

Pennsylvania Recycling Market Center

Resa Dimino


Dave Aldrich


Trina Matta       

Sustainable Packaging Coalition