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Contact: Mary Ann Remolador,, 802-254-3636
Date: March 8, 2019

NERC’s Spring Conference—Building Better Recycling Markets—In One Week!

On March 20 – 21, the Northeast Recycling Council will be holding the Building Better Recycling Markets Conference in Wilmington, Delaware.  The Conference is the third in a series about recycling markets close the discussion loop by focusing on building greater domestic demand for post-consumer recycled materials.

The Conference will begin with a jointly-hosted polypropylene roundtable discussion by NERC and the Closed Loop Partners.  Stephanie Baker of KW Plastics, Ronald Chislow of Buckeye Polymers, Eadaoin Quinn of EFS Plastics, Tom Outerbridge of Sims Municipal Recycling, Chris Coady of The Recycling Partnership, and Bridget Croke and Jon Powell of Closed Loop Partners will be featured in the discussion. 

The keynote address by Michael Hoffman of Stifel will follow the Roundtable Discussion.  Mr. Hoffman will present about where the global and domestic recycling economies are headed.  Following Mr. Hoffman, will be a panel discussion about understanding the material needs of manufacturers with Jordan Tony of More Recycling, Mark Nelson of Strategic Materials, and Johnny Gold of The Gold Group.  The first day of the conference will close with a session about how the paper industry is addressing post-consumer recycled content (PCR) with Brian Hawkinson of AF&PA and William Schlenger of Soundview Paper. 

The second day of the Conference will begin with a panel discussion about how the plastics industry is addressing PCR.  The panelists for the session are Liz Bedard of the Association of Plastics Recyclers, John Caturano of Nestle Waters, and Nick Jovich of Trigon Plastics. A glass panel discussion will follow to discuss how the industry sector is addressing PCR with Will Sagar of SERDC, Herb Northrop of Aero Aggregates, and Mike Smaha of Owens Illinois.

The Conference will continue with a session about strategies that have increased the demand for PCR with Garth Hickle, an independent consultant; Cherish Changala Miller of Revolution Plastic; and Bridget Croke of Closed Loop Partners.  The Conference will close with a facilitated discussion in which all attendees are invited to share their knowledge and experiences about supporting and promoting the use of PCR, as well as a discussion about the next steps for moving further.