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NERC Recycling Markets Value Reports

November 2022 Recycling Markets ChartThere was a sharp downward trend in values this quarter.

All Reporting MRFs (12 in 8 states)

Blended Value

July - September 2022

Percentage Change from Previous Quarter

Without residuals



With residuals



These survey results reflect the differing laws and collection options in the participating states.  Four of the states have beverage container deposit laws.  As a result, fewer glass bottles, PET bottles and aluminum cans are processed in MRFs in those states. Those MRFs are also likely to have less revenue from those recyclables.  In addition, the report reflects a mix of single stream, dual stream and source separation to collect recyclables with single stream being the most common approach.  The type of collection used will have an impact on MRF design and operation. Thus, the data from this report reflects the unique blend of facilities and statewide laws in the reporting states.

Current report: NERC Northeast Recycling Market Report November 2022

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