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State and Local Recyclers Aim for Coordination

E-Scrap News

E-Scrap News Electronic Newsletter, January 5, 2010

Electronics recycling will be on the agenda at this week's Consumer Electronics Show, with a formal announcement of the Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse (ERCC) — a partnership between the Northeast Recycling Council and the National Center for Electronics Recycling.

The ERCC, which will be formally announced on Thursday, is aiming to be a forum where state agencies implementing or administering electronics recycling programs can share information, address common challenges and coordinate policies. The organization will also collect and consolidate information on collection volumes and performance measures, manufacturers, product types, and return shares.

The organization is modeled on the Toxics in Packaging Clearinghouse, an organization set up by NERC in 1992 to promote packaging legislation. Membership with the ERCC is reportedly two-tiered, with states and local governments administering or implementing electronics recycling programs comprising the voting members and a secondary group of producers, industry members and other organization forming a non-voting affiliate membership. More details are available here.