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November 2022

NERC’s Advisory Members

Distinguished Benefactors

Consumer Technology Association (CTA)




Waste Management

Sustaining Members

  • Advanced Drainage Systems

  • American Beverage Association

  • AMP Robotics

  • Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR)

  • Blount Fine Foods

  • BlueTriton Brands

  • Casella Resource Solutions

  • Coca-Cola Beverages Northeast, Inc.

  • Council of State Governments/Eastern Regional Conference

  • Dart Container

  • Eco-Products

  • Fire Rover, LLC

  • GDB International

  • Henkel

  • Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries (ISRI)

  • International Bottled Water Association

  • Keep America Beautiful

  • Keurig Dr. Pepper

  • MRM

  • National Waste & Recycling Association

  • Nestle USA


  • PaintCare

  • Plastics Industry Association

  • Pratt Industries

  • Re-TRAC

  • Recycling Partnership

  • Republic Services

  • Reverse Logistics Group

  • Revolution

  • Serlin Haley

  • Sims Municipal Recycling

  • Sonoco


  • Strategic Materials

  • Sustainable Purchasing Leadership Council (SPLC)


  • US Composting Council (USCC)

A list of all the logos of our Sustaining Members can be found under Advisory Members

New & Renewing Members

New Sustaining Members

Renewing Sustaining Members

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State Updates


Advisory Member News

New & Renewing Memberships

Membership is key to NERC's regional and national commitment to circularity and sustainable materials management. We thank our two newest Sustaining Member - Pratt Industries, and Advanced Drainage Systems, as well as our renewing Sustaining Members:

We also appreciate our renewing Supporting Member, Urban Mining Industries LLC.

Thank you to everyone for supporting NERC and its mission. 

For information about Advisory Member opportunities, visit the NERC website.


New Executive Director takes the Helm - Megan Fontes

The NERC Board of Directors is pleased to welcome a new Executive Director, Megan F. Fontes. Megan joins NERC with nearly a decade of experience in corporate relations. Most recently, she led communications and organized all major events at MassBioEd, an organization focused on science education. Prior, Megan worked at other education-focused organizations such as Kaplan International and eScholastic, Inc., holding project management-orient

Photo of Megan F. Fontes
Megan F. Fontes

ed positions. Megan holds a Master’s of Business Administration with a concentration in Energy & Environmental Sustainability and Social Impact from Boston University’s Questrom School of Business and a Bachelor’s of Science in Environmental Resource Economics from the University of New Hampshire. Megan lives in Marlborough, Massachusetts. 

“While it is bittersweet to welcome a new Executive Director to NERC as Lynn Rubinstein will be sorely missed, I am extremely excited that Megan Fontes will be joining NERC.  Megan is perfectly positioned to lead NERC, with her MBA in Social Impact, expertise in both the nonprofit and business world, and perhaps most importantly, a passion for sustainable materials management,” stated Megan Mansfield Pryor, NERC Board President.  “This experience will allow her to work with NERC’s expanding network of businesses, states, trade associations, nonprofits and others to unite around minimizing waste and conserving natural resources.” 

“NERC plays a pivotal role in the material management ecosystem, facilitating collaboration between the private and public sectors, and educating stakeholders through its library of rich resources,” Megan Fontes commented. “I am honored to join a dedicated team and a Board of Directors working to advance circular solutions for the Northeast. I look forward to expanding upon the enduring foundation Lynn has built by continuing to provide value to Advisory Members, states, and communities and identifying new ways to increase our impact throughout the region."

She will step into her new role on October 24. Megan will be at the upcoming NERC Conference and Board meeting in Rocky Hill, Connecticut.  This will be an outstanding opportunity for the recycling community to meet and welcome Megan.

Walk-in Registrations Available for NERC's Fall Conference

If you missed the window to register online for NERC's Fall Conference, there is still a chance for you to attend. We are accepting walk-in registrations at the door.  We look forward to seeing you in Rocky Hill!



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New Board Members - Connecticut & New Jersey

NERC is delighted to welcome two new members to its Board of Directors, Chris Nelson, Connecticut, and Erin Jensen, New Jersey.

Photo Chris Nelson
Chris Nelson

Chris Nelson has been with CT DEEP for nearly 32 years and is currently the Supervising Environmental Analyst of the Sustainable Materials Management program within the Bureau of Material Management and Compliance Assurance (MMCA). 

This program is responsible for coordinating implementation of the State’s Comprehensive Materials Management Strategy (CMMS) and developing programs and policies that support Connecticut’s materials management hierarchy and efforts to achieve 60% diversion of disposed materials in the state.

Chris holds a Master of Environmental Management degree from the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies and a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Connecticut.

Erin Jensen joins us from the New Jersey Department of Environmental

photo  Erin Jensen
Erin Jensen

Protection (DEP). Erin graduated from Rowan University with a degree in Environmental Studies in 2012. Her career as an environmental specialist began in 2017 and she continues to work with her colleagues in the Division of Sustainable Waste Management. Her responsibilities at the DEP are focused mainly on recycling, but also into the topics of waste reduction, littler and sustainability. She is the rule manager for the Single-Use Plastic Reduction law in NJ which become effective May 2022 and also runs a municipal recycling grant program that the Department has had in place for over 15 years. Her roles at the DEP have allowed her to be active in NERC activities since 2018, attending all the semi-annual conferences and some workshops as well. She is delighted to begin her work as an official NERC board member.

NERC Announces its 2022 Environmental Sustainability Leadership Award Winners

The Northeast Recycling Council (NERC) has announced its 2022 Environmental Sustainability Leadership Awards. One outstanding program and one individual were selected for awards.  In addition, five Benefactors whose commitment to NERC and sustainability have made significant regional and national contributions.  Awards were presented to the honorees in the opening session of the NERC Fall Conference:

  • Vanguard Renewables for the impact it has had on organics recycling. Through its network of hauling partners, anaerobic digesters, food waste partners, family farms and Organics Recycling Facilities it has enabled hundreds of businesses across New England to recycle over 600,000 tons of organic waste into a valuable, renewable fuel source for local communities.
  • Lifetime Achievement award – Terri Goldberg, Executive Director, NEWMOA, for her outstanding and leadership contributions to recycling and materials management, as well as for her significant collaboration with NERC.
  • NERC Benefactors – Coca-Cola, Consumer Technology Association (CTA), Panasonic, Samsung, and WM

“This is the sixth year of NERC’s Environmental Sustainability Leadership Awards and, once again, we were impressed by the quality of the projects submitted for consideration,” commented Megan Pryor, NERC Board President. 

Former Executive Director receives EPA Lifetime Achievement Award

In October, EPA presented its virtual 2022 Environmental Merit Awards ceremony. There were 20 recipients across New England honored for contributing to improving New England’s environment.  Among the recipients was Lynn Rubinstein, recently retired NERC Executive  Director.

New England’s annual Environmental Merit Awards are given to community leaders, scientists, government officials, business leaders, schools, and students who represent different approaches, but a common commitment to environmental protection.

“EPA is proud to recognize and congratulate Vermont awardees’, for their great accomplishments and their continued efforts towards combatting climate change, bringing cleaner air and water to neighborhoods, and ensuring our underserved communities’ voices are being heard,” said EPA New England Regional Administrator David W. Cash. “Their ingenuity and commitment truly make a difference in our New England communities.”

The Environmental Merit Awards, which are given to people who have already taken action, are awarded in the categories of individual; business (including professional organizations); local, state or federal government; and environmental, community, academia or nonprofit organization. Also, each year EPA presents lifetime achievement awards for individuals.  Lynn was one of those winners.

After four decades dedicated to resource conservation, Lynn is leaving behind a legacy of work that will have a lasting impact. For over 20 years, Lynn was executive director of the Northeast Recycling Council,

The council received many awards as Lynn expanded its reach by securing the participation of more players and putting in place more than 100 projects. These projects aimed to recycle electronics; manage unwanted medication; and document the relationship of jobs to recycling.

Lynn has been a trusted voice for the private recycling industry and government, fostering an environment where industry and government can discuss common issues and find solutions. She co-founded many programs, including the State Electronics Challenge, Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse, and Government Recycling Demand Champions. Her related presentations, reports and articles are all available on the council's website.

An example of Lynn's commitment to keeping the council dynamic in a changing economy and waste stream, she helped form a partnership in 2017 between the council and the Northeast Waste Management Officials' Association.

While Lynn is known for her leadership of the Northeast Recycling Council, she also served as solid waste manager for Northampton; conservation director for Holyoke; mercury and electronics recycling program director at the University of Massachusetts; professor of land use management; resource planner, and attorney with the US Department of Justice.

Throughout her career, Lynn pioneered innovative programs, forged connections, and raised the level of regional cooperation across the Northeast. Lynn's work has had a substantial impact that will last well into the future.

Material Reuse Webinar  -  Impact of Building Materials Reuse on Climate Change - December 7

11:30 - 1 eastern, 8:30 – 10 Pacific

Register Here

Avoiding the use of new building materials is key to decreasing the built environment's impact on climate change.  Come hear three speakers present studies and data about deconstruction, salvage, and reusing materials.


Register Here

Avoiding the use of new building materials is key to decreasing the built environment's impact on climate change.  Come hear three speakers present studies and data about deconstruction, salvage, and reusing materials.


State Updates

RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts 2022 Fall Forum – November 9

All Massachusetts businesses and institutions are encouraged to register now for the virtual RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts 2022 Fall Forum on Wednesday, November 9th from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.

The Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection and RecyclingWorks in Massachusetts will share updates and resources to help businesses and institutions comply with waste disposal bans on commercial food waste, textiles, and mattresses. Additional presenters will highlight successful programs and best practices to recover textiles and mattresses for reuse and recycling.

Click here to register now. More agenda details to be posted!

Advisory Member Updates

Keep America Beautiful Celebrates America Recycles Day on November 15

Keep America Beautiful®, the nation’s leading community improvement nonprofit organization, invites all Americans to join in the celebration of America Recycles Day® on November 15.

America Recycles Day (ARD) educates and encourages individuals on how to be more mindful of what they consume, where and how to properly recycle, and to pledge to recycle more and recycle right in their everyday lives. ARD is the only nationally recognized day dedicated to promoting and celebrating recycling in the United States.

In 2022, ARD will focus on the economic impacts of recycling, the jobs created, reduced manufacturing costs due to the reuse of limited resources, and savings arising from not having to source new raw materials.

“Educating and motivating Americans to recycle is one of the most important aspects of our mission at Keep America Beautiful,” said Keep America Beautiful President and CEO, Jennifer Lawson. “Today we celebrate those who passionately work to create programs and projects to increase awareness and action for a circular economy. Thank you for being stewards of sustainability.”


The results of ARD 2021 show the direct impact the day has across the country:

  • 521 unique recycling events
  • 1,706,858 pounds recycled
  • 65 billion impressions
  • ARD Hero Award, which honors military installations working to create sustainable environments, was Camp Pendleton which operates a recycling center and sorting facility that collected 1 million pounds of recyclable materials in 2020.


For the seventh year, Keep America Beautiful is encouraging people to #BeRecycled in every aspect of their life. The #BeRecycled Pledge is a promise to actively choose to live a recycled lifestyle by committing to “Reduce. Reuse. Recycle.” in all aspects of daily life:

  • Recycling at home, work/school and on-the-go
  • Buying products made with recycled content
  • Educating and encouraging friends, family, and neighbors to take the #BeRecycled Pledge

To date, 87,845 people have taken the #BeRecycled Pledge. Take the pledge and donate by clicking here.


Sponsors for America Recycles Day 2022 include Heineken, International Bottled Water Association (IBWA), Mutual of Omaha, and Thomas Ashbourne.

Foam Cycle 2021 Annual Report

Foam Cycle  2021  Annual  Report imageThe results are in and they are impressive! Since 2017, more than 19 Foam Cycle systems have been installed,allowing a whopping 4,042,423 people access to foam recycling where none existed before!

Foam Cycle locations from across the country recently took part in a Penn State University research project. The lofty goal was to quantify the impact of foam (aka Styrofoam) recycling for local communities that have Foam Cycle systems in operation.

The Foam Cycle 2021 Annual Report provides a snapshot of the overall impact that each municipality, county, public-private partnership, and non-profit organization have on recycling efforts. These impacts include providing access, diverting landfill airspace, and reducing trucking. These practices add valuable and reusable material to the circular economy, all by recycling foam — one piece at a time.

Thank you to all of the communities who have taken part in this journey, and welcome to all of the new member communities who continue to join the movement.

 “They say it can’t be recycled, we’re here to prove them wrong” - Foam Cycle

Vanguard Renewables Launches Farm Powered Sustainability Heroes Program

Vanguard Renewables has announced that New England Natural Bakers, Fancypants Baking Co., and Sloop Brewing Co. have joined together to launch the Farm Powered Sustainability Heroes (FPSH). The program aims to collaborate on eliminating food and beverage waste from landfills by recycling it into renewable energy on regional dairy farms via Farm Powered® anaerobic digestion. In addition to their commitment to diverting food and beverage waste, fighting climate change, and helping support dairy farmers across the region, the members will collaborate to share best practices for the benefit of the environment.

New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection Recognizes DRBA’s

The New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection (NJDEP), in conjunction with the Association of New Jersey Recyclers (ANJR), recognized and honored the Delaware River and Bay Authority’s (DRBA)

Photo Al Fralinger, Jeff Foster and Ky Asral award presentation

DRBA Environmental Health and Safety Manager Albert Fralinger III (center) and DRBA Environmental Health and Safety Specialist Jeff Foster (left) receive the NJDEP 2022 Outstanding Recycling Award from Ky Asral, NJDEP Bureau Chief for Sustainability

Millville Executive Airport for its recycling excellence, naming the operation a 2022 Rising Star at a special award ceremony held at the Jumping Brook Country Club in Neptune, NJ. Albert Fralinger III, Environmental, Health and Safety Manager for the DRBA, accepted the award on behalf of the bi-state agency.

“We’re pleased and honored to be recognized by both NJDEP and ANJR for our recycling efforts at the Millville Executive Airport,” Fralinger said. “It’s a credit to our employees who embraced this effort, and it was a true team accomplishment. Getting recognized by a state agency really energizes employees to continue to look for future opportunities to reduce waste and recycle while working on various projects at the facility.”

“With a new focus on recycling and waste reduction, the Millville Executive Airport worked with its many departments to institute a new facility wide waste management and recycling approach that has enabled the facility to significantly increase recycling rates and reduce waste generation over the past three years,” said NJDEP Bureau Chief Ky Asral. “One of the airport’s innovative waste reuse initiatives involved cleaning out scrap tires from a hangar and having them repurposed as buffer safety crash barriers at the neighboring Millville Motor Sports Park Speedway.”

Millville Executive Airport, which is operated by the DRBA, instituted facility-wide waste management and recycling changes to improve policies, practices, data management, site infrastructure, supplier relations, local and regional government outreach, customer support and employee environmental and recycling education and awareness. This holistic approach has resulted in significantly more material being recycled by staff and on-site contractors.

The Millville Executive Airport recycles a diverse mix of materials including paper, plastic bottles, aluminum cans, scrap metal, used oil, concrete and soil. The airport also recycles polycarbonate runway signs that were previously disposed. Millville Executive Airport also improved its recycling education and training programs for staff.

NJDEP’s goal with the program is to highlight the success of NJ agencies, businesses, individuals, and others who go beyond the norm to advance recycling and to make these examples available to others who may emulate them. Each year, NJDEP and ANJR co-sponsor this symposium and luncheon, where recycling awards are presented to outstanding businesses, organizations, local government agencies, and individuals who have made significant contributions to recycling in New Jersey.