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Compost Survey in Akwesasne

March 20, 2023

By Saint Regis Mohawk Tribe

It was a snowy day in Akwesasne during the MSW Blue Bag service run. The garbage truck driver picked up the blue trash bags while the Recycling Coordinator handed out the Composting Food Survey to each household that is subscribed to the MSW Blue Bag Service. The results will help us determine outreach and assistance. It will also help to plan and construct a small-scale composting pilot program that produces rich soil material.

We got the survey results after consulting the local people who are an essential part of the community. Before a decision is made we consult the public. The survey results indicate that most would like to have a composting collection service in Akwesasne. Most participants produce less than 5 gallons of organic waste. About half compost at home and the others do not. They correctly selected the images that indicated what was compostable. Having a compost drop-off service at the Transfer Station seems to not be popular. There was a positive response to having a free collection composting pilot program. Some participants wrote down extra suggestions regarding the composting survey. They commented on how they would like to use or buy rich compost material. They say it’s difficult to compost during winter and that’s another opinion to consider.

 We are partnering with a local composting consultant, and we have a clear picture of how to start the anaerobic composting program step by step. We are going to start nice and slow and then take it from there because this is a small town. Composting is essential to divert valuable organics from the smelly landfill. Learn more: 

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