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10 Recycling Tips for Your Super Bowl Watch Party

This guest blog is courtesy of Maureen Darrah who works with Shini USA and BV Thermal, divisions of Budzar Industries and leading manufacturers for the plastics industry. 

With the Super Bowl coming up, people are starting to plan where they will go and who they will watch the game with. While it is common for people to watch the game with a group, unfortunately, large gatherings like a Super Bowl watch party can create an immense amount of waste.

Below, we’ve outlined ten easy ways you can make your upcoming Super Bowl watch party eco-friendly. Give them a look!

  1. Make Your Food

At any Super Bowl watch party, there is typically a large spread of food and snacks to munch on while you watch the game. Whether you’re hosting or attending the party of a friend, consider the environmental impact of the food you bring to the table.

Takeout and premade party platters often…

The Recycling Process: What Happens After You Leave Your Bin Out?

This guest blog was written by Larry Jergins.

curbside recycling containers photo

Recycling plays a tremendous role in helping consumers feel better about the waste we produce. But what exactly happens to the items in your bin once they leave the curb? Recycling programs vary from city to city and state to state. Understanding the process can help you keep the system running smoothly.

1. Collection

mixed paper photoSource

There are four main methods of collection. The most popular is curbside collection. Some communities offer drop-off centers, buy-back centers, and programs for deposit/refund on bottles and…

My Vision 2020

This guest blog is courtesy of Waste360 and Chaz Miller.

2020 will be another challenging year for recyclers. Markets remain daunting as we continue to deal with the fallout from China’s decision to ban mixed paper and mixed plastic imports.

Paper markets will remain flat throughout 2020 with some glimmers of hope of rising prices toward its end. This year’s October 1 opening of the Read more | Comments (0) | Jan 14, 2020

Waste and Recycling: 2019 in Review

2019 has been a fascinating…