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This Holiday Season: Be Battery Safety Smart

January 1, 2019

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Batteries power our world and provide many everyday conveniences. The freedom to go unplugged comes with the responsibility to safely manage batteries once they reach their end-of-life. While recycling batteries is a year-round activity, it’s especially important during the holidays as many consumers are purchasing new battery powered products and may be left wondering what to do with their old batteries.

In addition to offering environmental benefits, battery recycling is an important act because it helps protect people and property. Batteries, especially Lithium-based ones, that are thrown in the trash present a risk of a spark, which could lead to a fire. With more and more batteries ending up in the waste stream, there is a growing risk (as noted by recent media headlines) of fires during transport and at local Materials Recovery Facilities (MRFs) and Household Hazardous Waste (HHW) locations.

To help consumers understand the ‘hidden dangers’ of tossing batteries, Call2Recycle recently partnered with industry leaders and Bay Area county municipalities on a pilot battery safety campaign, Avoid the Spark. Be Battery Safety Smart.TM The public safety education effort is aimed to reduce safety incidents through engagement of local partners and sharing of informational resources. By spotlighting the need for proper handling, management, transport and disposal of batteries, the goal is to shift consumer behavior to protect everyone involved in the battery recycling journey. Campaign resources can be found by visiting

As you’re gathering with family and friends this holiday season, remember to add battery recycling to your holiday ‘to do’ list. You can find a convenient Call2Recycle drop-off location near you: It’s a good deed for the planet and a simple way to keep your community safe.

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