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Oregon expands program for refillable glass bottles

A glass bottle reuse program in Oregon has taken major steps forward, with glass giant Owens-Illinois creating a standardized refillable bottle for breweries and long-term plans for a wash facility moving forward. Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative, the industry-managed stewardship group that runs the Beaver State’s container deposit program, is working with a number of stakeholders to expand what has until now been a fairly limited refillables sector. The ability to launch a statewide refillable program is tied to the fact Oregon has already a unique bottle deposit system in place already, one in which the stewardship group handles all stages of the recycling process, from collection to sale of recycled product to an end user.

New Law Calls for Disclosure of All Hazardous Chemicals in Cleaning Products

The groundbreaking Right to Know Act (SB 258) adopted in California lifts the veil of secrecy for cleaning products in that state. The legislation by California State Senator Ricardo Lara provides consumers and workers the right to know about chemicals they are exposed to from these products. Under this law, companies are required to disclose detailed ingredient information including (for the first time ever!) fragrance chemicals on any cleaning products sold in the state.

The Downside of Snow

Yet another snow storm...ever wonder about the environmental impacts relating to all that snow? How about where the snow collected from roadways is disposed? This article explores this timely topic.

An Interview with Food Scraps 360

Food Scraps 360 is a commercial and residential food scrap collection company serving New York's Capital Region. With its “Scraps to Riches” motto, the company has a mission to eliminate food waste and help to build sustainable communities. Sonia Sandoval is co-founder of the company.