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GreenEducation.US Announces First Graduating Class

GreenEducation.US (GreenEd), an online education portal for sustainability professionals, became the first organization to have its training program accredited in California by the National Standards Certification Board of the National Recycling Coalition. The certification program provides a 32-­‐hour online, web-­‐based, professional training program in Sustainable Resource Management and Zero Waste. The goal is to ensure that individuals working in solid waste, recycling, reuse and other related industries have a practical understanding of key policy and programs that affect the management of waste and recyclables.

Space Trash…the Final Frontier?

Space debris includes a multitude of objects: there are the smaller items, including nuts and bolts, tools, etc. on up to some 4,000 defunct satellites; and then there are rocket stages, which are as large as school buses. As with so many human-caused problems, space debris continues to grow. Who knows, maybe space can help usher in a new era of worldwide cooperation?

Free Tools for Boosting Recycling Performance

Brief fact sheets on local tools for increasing recycling have recently been developed by the Carton Council to help address recycling access gaps and boost materials recovery. These tools are facts-based, commodity neutral and remain unbranded – so NGOs, SROs, and state agencies can freely share them with local governments.

Materials Management Sides with Science on Paris Agreement

International Solid Waste Association (ISWA) President Antonis Mavropoulos said of Donald Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris agreement, “that the US is leaving the Paris Accord is a decision that will create huge profits for the fossil fuels industry and huge costs for the whole planet, especially for the poorest and more vulnerable countries and populations.” ISWA described the decision as “an affront to science, our planet and to our future generations.” Zero Waste is one of the fastest, easiest climate action strategies that communities can implement today to immediately reduce greenhouse gas emissions.