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Fresh Produce Recovery Models

Fresh fruit and vegetables are frequently in low supply at food banks. One solution is gleaning: collecting excess fresh foods from farms, gardens, farmers markets, grocers, restaurants, state/county fairs, or other sources, in order to provide fruit and produce to those in need. Several innovative models exist for increasing fresh food diversion to food recovery organizations, including Boulder Food Rescue, Friendship Donations Network’s Neighborhood Food Hubs, and Salvation Farms.

1987—a Big Year for Recycling

As previously noted, NERC was founded in 1987, a year which saw a lot of “firsts” in the world of trash. Some of the other momentous events included, the Mobro “garbage barge;” several states adopted solid waste plans which called for waste reduction goals; and, New Jersey adopted statewide mandatory recycling.

A Momentous Event!

NERC celebrates its 30th anniversary this year! In honor of our anniversary, I offer the following article written by Jeff Bednar, former NERC Board Member and Board President representing Pennsylvania, for our 25th anniversary. Here's what he has to say: My introduction to NERC came many moons ago as a new program analyst at the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection. I was asked to accompany the Pennsylvania representative to a meeting and provide an update on some sustainability endeavors undertaken by the department. As a recycling neophyte, I was practically crushed by the sheer volume of knowledge, intellect and recycling industry acumen that this collective of professionals possessed...

Green Travel

Today’s blog offers another article in NERC’s occasional Travel Blog series. Having just returned from Florida, I’m happy to say that the warm sunshine was fabulous, Disney World still recycles, and alligators are really cool looking.