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Environmental Investment, Part 2

Today’s Blog continues where Environmental Investment, Part 1 left off.

Environmental Investment, Part 1

True confession…I know next to nothing about investments. I’ve more or less ignored what’s happening with my retirement plan, other than to pick a “conservative option”; I’m definitely risk averse. That being said, I do try to otherwise live my life in a socially and environmentally responsible manner. Not paying attention to my investments is probably not smart, and not only for the financial implications. I also think that in today’s political reality, socially responsible (SRI) or sustainable investing is one way to positively act to protect the environment.

Troubling Donations

I knew of the struggles of food recovery organizations in accessing the proper transportation vehicles and refrigeration storage; however, I didn’t realize that labor was also an issue. So, while those of us in materials management are trying to promote food recovery, there seems to be a growing disconnect as to how increases in food donations can be effectively managed by food recovery organizations.

The Bottle Project: What are Youth doing to Reduce Litter?

Today’s Blog is a repost of an US Environmental Protection Agency Blog, written by Gloria Li, an environmental science and philosophy major at the University of Florida.