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The Challenge

Implementing the Food Recovery Hierarchy presents an opportunity to decrease solid waste generation, mitigate environmental impacts and resource use, improve food security in our communities, create jobs, conserve water, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions and water pollution.

Being Thankful for Leftovers!

As a materials manager, it’s of course important to me that I plan for how to handle the remaining holiday food bounty in order to not let it go to waste. In this vein, I offer the following tips for leftover storage and cooking.

Hustle, Bustle, Trash, and Recycling

It’s the holiday season. Along with the hustle, bustle, and cheer comes trash. Trash, of course, increases dramatically this time of year (about 25%), as does recycling (also around 25%). These stats make it even more important that each of us in the field do our part to promote the “3R’s+” and “recycle right” this time of year.

Quotable Environment

For the pivotal importance of today for our country, the world, and the environment, I offer the following thoughts. – Athena Lee Bradley

New Voices New Solutions: NERC’s Fall Conference Underway

Many professional events are promoting opportunities to recognize “young professionals” and/or bring “experienced professionals” together with the “young professionals”. NERC’s fall conference this year strives to do just that, with sessions devoted to two fairly recent developments in the recycling industry—reuse and organics—in which many young entrepreneurs have found success.