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Introducing ECOAmeriCorps!

Today’s Guest Blog is by Billy Ernest, an ECOAmeriCorps Member serving the Windham Solid Waste Management District, Bennington County Solid Waste Alliance, and the Londonderry Group in southern Vermont.

The Politics of Recycling vs. Reusing

It is simple reuse via redistribution. Yet in a short article publicizing the initiative, the environmentally-savvy Good Magazine called this “recycling.” It’s a common and seemingly simple mistake, and is just one of a myriad of daily examples where reuse is called recycling. Yet it is extremely important to differentiate between the two for political and environmental reasons.

Game Day Diversions

There are many examples of success, as arenas and sports facilities around the world have developed highly effective waste diversion programs, many of which result in cost efficiencies.

Sharing Economy, Part 2

NERC’s new Reuse Explorations Guide: Innovative Programs & Strategies is now available for free download. The Guide is a result of our two-year USDA funded Reuse Project. To help promote the Guide, here’s Part 2 of the excerpt on the sharing economy.