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Lead in Flint, MI

I recently read an article in WIRED about the water crises in Flint and Washington, DC. This got me thinking about our nation’s extremely fragile and aging water infrastructure and our similarly aging and frail wastewater systems. I know water is not an issue that material managers typically deal with on a professional level, but wastewater and stormwater management does have some crossover. This recent article by Dr. Sally Brown examines the issues and overlap.

A Case for National Extended Producer Responsibility

Today’s Guest Blog is by Jamie Rhodes Program Director for UPSTREAM. It was originally posted on the UPSTREAM Blog on June 16, 2016.

YP in the Biz

Most conferences I attend these days go out of their way to recognize “young professionals” and/or bring us “experienced professionals” together with the “young professionals.”

Stuff, Food, GHGs, and Zero Waste

In a global economy focused on growth, realizing zero waste can seem a distant prospect. But that doesn't mean it should not be a goal.