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7 useful gifts to help your friends cut food waste

Although a little late for the holidays, today's Guest Blog has some useful tips to keep in mind when gift giving.

Food Recovery—Connections for Households and Schools

As discussed in NERC’s recent Blog, Food Recovery—Bridging the Gaps, in most communities opportunities are available for larger commercial food generators, including grocers, to reduce wasted food through food donation or food recovery. However, reducing food discards from household, restaurant, and smaller institutions (including schools) needs to be accomplished as well.

10 Reasons Why Zero Waste Is a Priority Climate Solution

Today’s Guest Blog article is written by Kate Bailey, Program Manager for Eco-Cycle Solutions.

Food Recovery—Bridging the Gaps

Take the first step by engaging with the food bank organization serving your region. Learn what types of food can be donated, how it needs to be collected and stored, and the areas where the food bank has routes for collection.

To Ban or Not to Ban…

Plastic bags—we love them and we hate them.