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Five Amazing Uses for Recycled Tires

Having to get snow tires on this time of year makes me think of a couple of things: 1) ugh, winter is around the corner; and, 2) snow tires are a wonderful thing. So, in honor of the underappreciated but highly valuable tire, I offer this Guest Blog courtesy of Paul Arellano, Sales & Marketing Manager at Lakin Tire.

The Takeaway – Potential Solutions to Recycling Woes

NERC’s Glass Forum last week engaged more than 100 people in discussing issues around glass container recycling.

Rethinking Wasted Food

As the holidays are just around the corner, it seems timely once again to address wasted food.

We Won Exemptions for Repairing Tractors, Cars, and Tablets

The Copyright Office has determined which of your own devices are legal to investigate, modify, and hack—bringing a close to our year-long saga of legal gunslinging, negotiating, fact finding, hearings, and deliberating over US copyright law.