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A Blog Holiday

September 8, 2015

In honor of Labor Day, the blog is taking the day off. Here are a couple of previous articles for your reading enjoyment.

Uses for Scrap Metal

First posted in September 2013, this Guest Blog by Sarah Dawes, who writes for Wastecycle Ltd., is one of the most downloaded articles on the NERC website. And, it contains awesome photos!

Recycling scrap metal makes good economic and environmental sense. The phrase, “circular economy,” advises that all things manufactured should be made in such a way that they can be later dismantled and recreated into a final end product once the original product has lost its usability to the consumer. Scrap metal is one of those foundation materials that can be refashioned into many new uses.

Recycling China Style

Our ongoing, albeit occasional, travelogue series brought these wonderful images and observances from, Lynn Rubinstein, NERC’s Executive Director, on recycling in action in China.

Her opening notes –

On a recent trip to China, I witnessed many of the differences between how recyclables are collected and consolidated in China as compared to in the U.S.  The primary difference was how remarkably visible it was: recycling opportunities, collection, consolidation, and movement to markets.  It was all right there and obvious.

Coffee Controversies (Part 1), Coffee Controversies meets Recycling Capacity (Part 2), and Coffee Controversies—Invasion of the Coffee Snatchers (Part 3)

The Coffee Controversies series always brings in reader comments.

My morning beverage of choice these days is tea. However, I do still enjoy a cup of java now and again. My brewing method—the French Press—comes in different sizes, is simple and makes a great cup of coffee. No filters, made primarily of glass or metal, and the only “waste” are the grounds, which of course I compost.

However, as they say…the times they are a changin’. “Pods” are the growing coffee trend. Stay tuned for Part 4!

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