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Organics Management: Is foodwaste recycling the way to achieve our goals?

Several weeks ago, I took my first deep dive into the US EPA’s newly released 2013 Facts and Figures report. The experience offered a wakeup call about the Road to Zero Waste.

Greening Asphalt

With about 2.65 million miles of paved roads in this country (according to the Federal Highway Administration), reducing the amount of asphalt used would be highly beneficial. About 75% of current paving is with conventional asphalt, increasing rubberized asphalt use and using Delta-S, if it’s proven effective, will help to reduce paving costs and benefit the environment.

School Cafeteria Waste—Collaboration and Tracking

It's still summer, but not too early to think about school cafeteria waste reduction!

NYC takes Bold Steps

New York City offers some surprising insights to materials management.