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Northeast Indiana Solid Waste Management District—a Model for Regional Cooperation in Organics Management

As a part of its Organics Management Project for Rural and Small Towns, NERC posted case studies on its website which present models for organics best management practices. The Northeast Indiana Solid Waste Management District presents such a model.

Helping Minds Grow through Reuse in Action

In November I posted an article entitled “The Public Library – Reuse in Action.” Today’s piece presents a follow-up on the topic of libraries. I traveled to San Diego on vacation a couple of weeks ago and had the privilege of touring their new library. Think that libraries are becoming an anachronism? Take a look at what San Diego has done to keep their library as a focal point for community involvement, learning, and technological advancement.

Holiday Tunes

Holiday Tunes

Yes, we’ve heard it before…. Americans throw away 25 percent more trash between Thanksgiving and the New Year than during any other time of the year. Yet, we keep tossing more and more during the holidays.

All I Want for Christmas…is No More Catalogues!

According to Catalogue Choice U.S. households receive more than 83 billion pieces of advertising mail, including catalogues, of which 46% is never read and 38% is not recycled. Paper used to manufacture catalogs and other glossy advertising tends to contain less recycled content then other types of paper production, due to the desire for the catalogues to be composed of thinner, shinier paper. The production of the 20 billion catalogues mailed out each year uses up to 15 million trees according to Catalogue Choice. They estimate the energy used to produce and dispose of all that paper is equal to some 119 trillion BTUs, and accounts for 11 million tons each year of CO2 emissions. On top of that there is an estimated 56 billion gallons of waste water generated, along with 4.1 million tons of solid waste.

While we all like to look at…