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The Public Library – Reuse in Action

The Public Library is the very essence of reuse.

Fern Hill Compost - Compost Marketing Case Study

Today’s blog features another case study of a farm compost operation which participated in NERC’s project— Fern Hill Compost in Red Creek, New York.

Case Study: Marketing On-Farm Compost Devine Gardens

To expand and support farm-based compost markets in the Northeast, NERC was awarded a grant from the Northeast Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) program. Resources developed by NERC for the project, as well as presentations from seven compost marketing workshops, are posted on NERC’s website. NERC provided technical assistance to farm compost operations, including development of operation-specific marketing plans. Today’s blog features a case study on Devine Gardens, a farm compost operation which participated in NERC’s project.

Economic Impact of Recycling

Today’s Guest Blog is by Dave Fusselman, owner of Fusselman Salvage Co., a metal recycling center in Moberly, Missouri. Every pound of recyclable material that escapes the trash bin is important – those pounds combine to create $87 billion in economic activity each year in the United States. When one thinks of recycling, the main benefit that comes to mind is decreasing environmental impacts and cutting down on natural resources, but it does way much more. Recycling creates jobs, societal benefits and overall improves the economy.

Collecting Textiles – Make it Work for Your Community, Part 2

Part 2 of “Collecting Textiles – Make it Work for Your Community” provides a basic overview of how to start a textiles collection program, along with textiles reuse and recycling resources.