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National Standards for Training Programs and Professionals in Sustainable Resource Management

Following several years of discussion and input from a broad spectrum of stakeholders, a national certification program has been established for professional training programs for Certified Sustainable Resource Management Professionals in waste reduction, reuse, recycling, composting, and zero waste.

Steps toward Zero Waste for C&D - Sample Waste Management Plan

Today’s Blog article offers a sample Construction and Demolition Waste Management Plan. It is the final article in our Steps toward Zero Waste for Contractors and Builders Blog series.

Commercial Organics Recycling at Work

This article continues our Organics Blog Series with a look at towns, solid waste districts, and private entities promoting commercial organics recycling. Commercial organics diversion presents another low cost organics management opportunity for rural and small towns, particularly offering a focus on diversion of food scraps.

CAN IT! Reducing Food Waste with Steel Food Containers

Guest Blog by Casey Fenton, Communications Assistant, Steel Recycling Institute.