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Opportunities and Action in Commercial Organics Recycling

This latest installment in our ongoing NERC Blog series on organics management presents tips for implementing organics recycling for commercial food scrap generators.

Commercial Organics Recycling

Our Organics Blog Series continues with a look at commercial organics recycling.

Tracking, Training, and Promoting Zero Waste for Contractors and Builders

This article continues our “Steps toward Zero Waste for Contractors and Builders” series, with a discussion of: tracking progress toward zero waste in C&D, employee and subcontractor training, and green marketing.

Energy Efficiency, Recycling, and Climate Change

Part One of this NERC Blog series by guest blogger Robert Kropp, a Vermont-based freelance journalist, presents an overview of energy efficiency, electronics, and the recycling of electronic discards.

Recycling China Style

Its vacation season again and time for another exciting addition to our occasional “Recycling Notes of Traveling NERC Staff.” As many solid waste professionals do when traveling, Lynn Rubinstein, NERC’s Executive Director, took pictures of recycling in action in China.


Here’s her Recycling Travelogue –

On a recent trip to China, I witnessed many of the differences between how recyclables are collected and consolidated in China as compared to in the U.S.  The primary difference was how remarkably visible it was: recycling opportunities, collection, consolidation, and movement to markets.  It was all right there and obvious.

Organism recycling, Hefei tollboothBeijing airport recycling containers

No matter the size of