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Spring 2021 Presentations

Reframing Recycling in 2021

March 30 - 31 - Virtual Event


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Attendee List

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Understanding & Choosing the Right EPR Model: The Canadian Experience

Peter Hargreave, Policy Integrity Inc., Sara-Emmanuelle Dubois, NovAxia Inc., Pierre Benabidès, Lichens Recyclability

Recycled Content Supply and Demand: A Policy Opportunity

Dan Felton, Executive Ameripen

Getting it Right: Suggestions for Policy Makers

Elizabeth Balkan, Reloop Platform

California's Experience & Lessons Learned

Heidi Sanborn, National Stewardship Action Council

Recycled PET Markets: Opportunities and Challenges

Alasdair K. Carmichael, NAPCOR

Potential for Secondary Sorting

Kim Holmes, 4R Sustainability & Scott Farling, Titus MRF Services

Understanding the Role of Compostable Packaging in a Circular Bioeconomy

Olga Kachook, Sustainable Packaging Coalition

Unpacking Composter Reluctance

Nora Goldstein, BioCycle CONNECT

Refillable Glass Bottle Circular Economy Marketplace

Caren McNamara, Conscious Container

Oregon’s Refillable Bottle System

Jules Bailey, Oregon Beverage Recycling Cooperative

Germany's Refillable Bottle System Tobias Bielenstein, Refillable Working Group Germany (Arbeitskreis Mehrweg GbR)
US EPR Program Updates - Mattresses

Marie Clarke, Mattress Recycling Council

US EPR Program Updates - Paint Laura Honis & John Hurd, PaintCare
US EPR Program Updates - Electronics Jason Linnell, National Center for Electronics Recycling (NCER)