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NERC’s Spring Conference will convene individuals across the material management supply chain to discuss paths to implement diversity, equity, and inclusion into operations with a focus on strategy and sustainability. The Conference will feature sessions exploring expanded recruitment strategies, bias-free interview processes, and other critical programs to retain talent. NERC’s Conferences offer a unique space for constructive dialogue between public and private entities. Attendees will have the opportunity to participate in small group discussions, network, and interact with presenters and colleagues.


NERC's Conferences attract a wide variety of attendees, including: federal, state, and municipal governments;  industry—haulers, MRFs, processors, and manufacturers;  recycling trade associations; non-profit organizations; consultants; and colleges and universities. 

Conference Presentations

PowerPoint presentations, event agendas, and resource lists from each in-person event are free and are kept at Conference Archives. 

For more information about the Conference, please contact Mary Ann Remolador at or (802) 451-8852. For questions about registration, please contact Robert Kropp at or (802) 254-3636.