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The Glass Packaging Institute

About the Glass Packaging Institute (GPI)

The Glass Packaging Institute (GPI) is the North American trade association for the glass container manufacturing companies and suppliers to the industry. GPI’s primary manufacturing member companies produce roughly 26 billion food jars and beverage bottles each year, made possible by a dedicated workforce of nearly 14,000 Americans.

Supplier Member Companies:

GPI’s supplier member companies are a critical part of the trade association, and provide a variety of services to the glass bottle and jar manufacturing industry, and the customers they serve. Supplier member companies provide a full range of support services to the industry, among them; raw materials, glass plant equipment, technical services, recycled glass, transportation, labeling and bottle decorating services.

GPI, in coordination with, and on behalf of its member companies, advocates for glass packaging in the following areas:

  • Recycled glass use —with a nationwide average of approximately 1/3 recycled glass in bottles and jars, GPI supports efforts at the local, state and federal level to increase both the quality and use of recycled glass in the production of new containers. GPI also advocates for recycling policies that are fair to glass packaging, recognizing its 100 percent, endlessly recyclable and circular nature. Assisting these efforts is the Glass Recycling Coalition (GRC), a container and fiberglass collaborative consisting of brands, haulers, processors, MRF operators and municipalities, which GPI helped to form a few years ago, and maintains a leadership role today.
  • Transportation — As an original trade association member of the Rail Customer Coalition (RCC), GPI is a strong advocate for fair and transparent rail shipping policies for its member companies. The association also supports the safe increase of truck weights on the nation’s highways, to increase efficiencies and further reduce emissions.
  • Raw Materials — GPI advocates for policies that provide a more level playing field for our domestic raw material supply companies. These include reduced royalty rates, transportation and broad-based sourcing priorities.
  • Energy — GPI works closely with our member companies to ensure that energy policy, air emissions and other manufacturing requirements recognize the energy-intensive-trade-exposed (EITE) nature of the glass container manufacturing industry.

The association oversees two primary Committees, Government Affairs and Marketing & Communications, which highlight the benefits, and promotes the attributes of glass to both brands and consumers. GPI also hosts convenes important sub-committee meetings, reviewing environmental and health safety standards, along with glass bottle design and specifications.

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