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Spring 2019 Presentations

Spring 2019 Conference Agenda & Presentations

Building Better Recycling Markets

March 20 - 21, 2019 - Wilmington, Delaware

Conference Agenda

Attendee List



Polypropylene Roundtable 

Bridget Croke & Jon Powell, Closed Loop Partners 

Post Consumer Plastics End Market Demand Jordan Tony, More Recycling
Glass in the Region

Mark Nelson, Strategic Materials

Material Needs of Paper Mills Jonathan Gold, The Gold Group Recycling
How Paper Industry Is Addressing PCR

Brian Hawkinson, AF&PA

How Soundview Paper Is Addressing PCR

William Schlenger, Soundview Paper

APR Demand Champions Campaign Liz Bedard, Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR)
How Trigon Plastics Is Addressing PCR

Nick Jovich, Trigon Plastics

Beyond the Bottle

John Caturano, Nestlé Waters North America Inc.

Carton Council

Scott Byrne, Carton Council

ISRI Mark Reiter, ISRI
Pace Glass Recycling George Valiotis, Pace Glass Recycling
RRS Resa Dimino, RRS
Glass Recycling

Will Sagar, SERDC

How Owens Illinois Is Addressing PCR

Mike Smaha, Owens Illinois

Glass Foam Aggregates Herb Northrop, Aero Aggregates
EPR & Market Development Garth Hickle, Independent Consultant
Impact of SB270 on PCR Demand Cherish Changala Miller, Revolution Plastics
Closed Loop Fund Impact Bridget Croke, Closed Loop Partners