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NERC's staff is the heart of the organization. Its expertise and longevity with the organization supports not only NERC's programs, but is a source of knowledge for the community as a whole. NERC staff welcome questions and suggestions.

Lynn Rubinstein, Executive Director

ConLynn Rubinstein phototact for: administration, project management & development, NERC membership, fundraising & financial management, the Email Bulletin, the State Electronics Challenge, the Electronics Recycling Coordination Clearinghouse, the Government Recycling Demand Champion Program, the Vermont E-Scrap Program, and general inquiries.

Areas of particular expertise: electronics recycling; green procurement; pharmaceutical management; household hazardous waste; mercury management; communication and training; project oversight and fiscal management.

Background: Lynn joined NERC in the summer of 1999. Her background is in law, geology and hydrogeology, land use planning, electronics recycling, mercury management, hazardous & solid waste, and resource management.

Mary Ann Remolador, Assistant Director

Mary Ann Remolador photoContact for: business assistance, development, and financing; NERC's conferences & workshops, Environmentally Preferable Purchasing (EPP), diversity issues and training, recycling markets initiatives, project development, and direct technical assistance to businesses.

Particular areas of expertise: greening businesses, environmentally preferable purchasing,  C&D reuse and recycling, textiles diversion,  developing reuse and recycling programs, project and program planning and management.

Background: Mary Ann joined NERC in early 1995. Her background is in community and business development, loan fund administration, international administration, and resource economics.

Robert Kropp, Office Manager/Bookkeeper

Robert Kropp photoContact for: Payments & invoicing, conference/workshop registration, general inquiries, the Vermont E-Scrap Program, and Twitter

Background: Robert joined NERC in the fall of 2013. He has provided bookkeeping and financial management services to a number of organizations since 2002. Robert is also a freelance journalist who writes extensively about issues relating to sustainability.